NetSquared Local: What, why and how to get connected locally

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NetSquared Share Build CollaborateNetSquared works on and offline to connect the global community at the intersection of technology and social change. The website and Community Blog are your online spaces to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. Offline we take things local!

NetSquared Local groups are monthly events that take place in a growing number of cities around the world (right now there's 70!). These events serve as a great opportunity to convene local communities to share ideas, learn from each other, and even collaborate on projects for real world impact. These gatherings provide a chance to connect for all those interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change in your local community. Members of local groups represent nonprofit organizations and foundations, government agencies and service providers, designers and developers, innovators and social entrepreneurs.

NetSquared Local groups, like all of the work from NetSquared, is supported by TechSoup Global and the international TechSoup Global Partner Network. This relationship is invaluable and includes operational support as well as Local groups meeting in TSGPN offices, finding speakers and much more.

Why Local?

We know the NetSquared Community is truly global, with Project submissions, blog posts and comments coming in from all over the world.  For the last four years, NetSquared has empowered this community to convene locally, offline, to make connections, grow the network, and collaborate to make real social impact.  These local groups are, though, part of a global network, connecting social changemakers all over the world.  Groups share back on the NetSquared site and come together in person at events and conferences.  An incredible amount of work, idea generation, knowledge sharing and collaboration takes place online - but we recognize the potential, the magic even, that exists in meeting face to face.

What Will You Find?

We encourage local organizers to create events that reflect the interests of the local community - we want the events to be both valuable and fun!  All that we ask is that events remain open to anyone interested in technology and social impact to participate, regardless of their job title, skills, or knowledge; and that the events focus on topics within the very wide focus of technology for social impact.  Local organizers decide on the speakers, presentations, discussions and other formats based on the interests locally and the opportunities or resources on hand.  We trust our local organizers know more about their community than we do and don't believe it would be fair for us to decide to say that what interests those in Tokyo will interest those in Toronto, or those in Chicago will like the same presentation as those in Cameroon.  As such, every group really is different, and we like that diversity. 

Check out the map to find your local group and review some of their previous events for an idea of the topics, presenters and discussions they've had recently.

Get Local!

So, you want to try this local thing out for yourself? Great!  There are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Use the map to find the nearest group to you and join the group online to stay up to date on events 
  • Learn more about the local organizers powering these groups
  • Contact us if you want to present at an event (or a few) or have any products, services or other goods you'd like to donate to a local group or the network
  • Don't see a group in your area? You can start one today!
  • Stay on top of the conversation by following the local organizers on Twitter