NetSquared Kenya Regional Meeting 2013

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Netsquared Kenya meeting 7th December 2013

This event was organized by Netsquared Kenya and was held at friends Hotel on 7th December 2013.from 08:10am to 06:15pm in Kakamega Town. the event was sponsored by Techsoup Global.

The workshop focused on creation of local Netsquared groups in Kenya, innovative utilization of blogs fostering local Netsquared networks in Kenya.(Mombasa,kisumu Busia and kakamega). The only task identified is to create more new local NetSquared groups in Kenya, on/offline meetings and bringing partners eg,Techsoup Kenya, to strengthen NetSquared Kenya platform.

15 participants from 4 networks participated under Netsquared Kenya Platform.

Mombasa NetSquared network acknowledge the use of IT Technology can improve the lives of small holder farmers in coastal province through sourcing market for their produce.

Kisumu Netsquared network acknowledge the use of IT Technology can promote peace and development in the region

Kakamega Netsquared network acknowledge IT Technology as a mean to protect the environment and market their project in the region ie. kakamega forest where   more than 400 species of butterflies and birds can be seen.

Busia Netsquared acknowledge the use of IT Technology as mean to promote cross border business development Kenya and Uganda through marketing /trade of their goods

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