NetSquared Kenya Interview: The Nonprofit Techie's Toolkit with Shannon Mujera

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Hosted by NetSquared Kenya on December 21, 2020.

What are the tools and techniques nonprofit techies use to get the job 
done? In this month's meetup we ask nonprofit techies to open up their 
(virtual) toolboxes to share their software secrets and indispensable 
services. Plus, they'll reveal their origin stories and reveal the one 
piece of technology that they want to banish into a black hole.

Nearly every small nonprofit has a staffer who stumbled into being the go-to 
techie around the office. They often have little training—just a good 
head for technology and the patience to deal with the many issues that 
come up in a busy office. Are you one of these nonprofit techies? Come 
join us to learn from your fellow charity professionals.

Shannon Mujera;student leader,Director Nawiri Sist3rs,Founder Remnant Empire 
Technologies,Co-founder Robotics Society of Kenya & Youth Leader 
Limitless Fellowship.