NetSquared Islamabad: COVID-19: A Push We Needed to Enter the Digital World

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Hosted by NetSquared Islamabad on December 19, 2020.

The world has changed and evolved significantly in the wake of COVID. There is an increased emphasis on the need and importance of adapting to the digital ways of #worklife.

The 6th edition of NetSquared's  #Tech4Good meetup, by Maven Logix brings you a dialogue from industry experts on digitizing communities and ways of bringing together remote teams.

While, COVID-19 crisis has drastically changed all parts of society, it has also proven to be a blessing in disguise for small, medium and in some cases large enterprises. It has pushed them to re-evaluate their entire business models and the ways teams communicate and collaborate. While many standard practices seem redundant a host of new means have shaped up and taken the front seat.

The pandemic has  elevated the role of technology in the workplace, and more employers are  relying on virtual team communication tools and remote team setups. It has also offered an opportunity for teams to apply digitized ways in working and coming together.

In this #Tech4Good virtual meetup, we will discuss the issues, challenges and takeaways on successes by managers in implementing new innovative solutions.