NetSquared Houston: Program Management w/ Salesforce (+ is SFDC right for me?)

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Hosted by NetSquared Houston on March 4, 2021.

Come join us as we explore the new Program Management Module for Salesforce, which provides a template for tracking the programs you administer at your organization, the constituents you interact with, and report on outcomes.

We'll also take a look at where the PMM begins and ends, and how you can leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to achieve the rest.
Finally, Salesforce may or may not be for everybody (at least right now). We'll have a deeper discussion on whether the Salesforce platform can meet your organizational needs, and more importantly, whether your organization is positioned to do Salesforce well!

PS - While the PMM can be alongside the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (for Fundraising), we won't be exploring NPSP in this talk.