NetSquared East Africa Ambassador's First Regional Event After Action Review Report

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The first ever NetSquared Ambassador’s Event for East Africa was held April 2015.

The First Session was held in Kampala on 29th April, 2015 at B&B Hotel and it was only for NetSquared East Africa Local Organizers (LOs). NetSquared Kenya was represented by two LOs who were Mr. Chrispine Okumu and Ms. Caroline Anyango Odwaro; NetSquared Tanzania was represented by 1 LOs Mr. Ally Said Kamburuta and NetSquared Uganda the host was represented by 4 LOs who were: Mr. Akugizibwe Solomon, Ms. Mary Nakiirya, Ms. Karamagi Ednah and Mr. Robert Kibaya (2015 NetSquared East Africa Regional Ambassador)

The Second Session which included a cocktail, twitter games and storytelling was held in Mukono on 30th April, 2015 at Jobiah Hotel and it was for both NetSquared East Africa Local Organizers and NetSquared members in Uganda. The guests of honors were The Assistant Mukono District Chief Administrator Officer (CAO) Mr. Kizito Mugerwa Robert who officially opened the event and Maendeleo Foundation-Uganda Country Director Ms. Asia Kamukama who delivered the closing remarks.

The theme for NetSquared Ambassadors’ Regional Meeting was: “IF YOU WANT TO GO FAST, GO ALONE BUT IF YOU WANT TO GO FAR, GO TOGETHER”

This is an African proverb that educates people on the need to work together ably to achieve more. East Africa is composed of more than one country. When collaboration is called for, we start thinking “distance”, “different cultures”, “different laws”, “wider perceptions”…name it.

For our case, we have a unifying factor, NetSquared …which is a TechSoup Global project that is comprised of a global network of volunteers who take pride in organizing nonprofit technology meetups and training events with the goal of helping nonprofits and community groups master technology for social change and social good.

In direct reference to our theme of the Meeting, we as NetSquared East Africa need to choose one option … to go alone and reach faster …or to go together and reach further. We will all realize that moving fast can be fun. You make your own decisions and do everything the way you want. However, this can be short lived because at some point, basing on yet another proverb, no man is an island of himself, you will definitely need help to move to point B. This is because you may need added skills, get bored and start moving slower. In order to go far, you will need people to support you. Sometimes you need to pull ahead and move fast by supporting one another. Other times you need a great team to carry you. During this Meeting, we all need to take the time to look back to see if there is someone not keeping up at the same pace, then reach out, and try to pull them along with us. And this is what we want to achieve as NetSquared Ambassadors Meeting by the end of the day.

The materials used for the event such as handouts, stickers, banners, t-shirts, flyers, etc were all Branded with NetSquared and TechSoup logos and URLs as you will soon findout in this report. The official hash tags and twitter handles used for the event were: #Net2EA, #Net2uganda, @NetSquared. However, LOs were told also to hash tag the content with their respective approved NetSquared Country-specific hash tags such as: #Net2kenya, #Net2TZ, etc.