NetSquared DC predicts 2013

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Former NetSquared Boston organizer Riche Zamor recently sat down with a panel at NetSquared DC to talk about emerging nonprofit technology trends for 2013. He was joined by Colin DelanySuzanne Turner, and Lawrence Swiader.

Riche has blogged about his predictions and captured them in a slide deck.

Top trends:

  • All content is created equal
  • Content is now paid media
  • Designing for mobile is not enough
  • Organizations will become more "Lean"
  • More DIY nonprofits will emerge
  • Building community will become a core organizational function (AMEN!)

Riche expands on these topics in his blog post.

NetSquared DC "What's On the Horizon" Presentation by Riche Zamor

Panelist Larry Swiader also shared his call-to-action: "Rethink your resolutions!" He challenged the audience to Lose Some Weight, Exercise Daily, Eat Better and Value Every Day - all with a humorous technology interpretation.