NetSquared Camp Vancouver - Event Recap

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Held August 14, the NetSquared Camp in Vancouver brought together nonprofits, activists and social entrepreneurs with their friends and allies in the world of technology and communications in an offline event dedicated to learning and sharing. The Camp, one in a series of Camps Pilot events, aimed to provide an environment for learning, networking, and collaboration -- and it was a huge success! Learn more about the event including resources, stories, and media from the day:

Net2 Camp Vancouver

The unconference-style event focused on practical skill development and peer learning for people interested in using technology for social benefit. With over 160 people in attendance, the event was a great example of how a large unconference can work - both fast and spontaneous while catering to the needs of a crowd!

Participant and speaker blog posts

The following is a list of blog posts, speaker notes, event summaries, and other ideas that came out of the day. For more information about speakers and presentations, check out the Vancouver Camp Wiki.

Media and more

Check out some of the resources and media from the Camp:

Stories from participants:

Here is a bit of the positive feedback from the Camp participants that was gathered through a post-event survey: 

  • It was my first Net Squared Camp and it was way better than I expected. I learned so much and connected with so many people. Most importantly, it was FUN!
  • Wish I could have attended all the sessions - they were really informative - especially to a new "social networker" like me
  • I think NetSquared Camp offered very usable insights and knowledge I will put to use immediately.
  • I was blown away by how good the NetSquared camp was. I learned so much, and met some really amazing people. I'd love more events that let me re-connect with these people.


About the NetSquared Vancouver Organizer

eli vancouver net tuesday

Elijah van der Giessen

Eli fell in love with volunteers in 2000, and has been working to build community ever since.

He'll take any title: Production Manager, Tour Director, Volunteer Wrangler, Wagon Master, Outreach Coordinator... even "Marketer"...just as long as he gets to hang out with enthusiastic people who are working together on a project because of a consuming passion.

Lately Eli has been assisting the David Suzuki Foundation with their online campaigns and community development.  The internet is fun!

Connect with Eli:

About the Camp Pilot

NetSquared Camp events are fully-sanctioned NetSquared events that have a project focus and bring together local innovators and changemakers to build something together.  Camp organizers receive direct organizing support from the NetSquared team in addition to organizing resources and templates. Learn more in the Camps FAQ.


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