NetSquared Camp Toronto Highlights & Learning

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This blog was originally posted on the TechSoup Canada site

One of our primary goals at TechSoup Canada is to build technology capacity in the nonprofit sector, so this past October we decided to experiment with a new way of providing this kind of learning opportunity by hosting a one-day unconference-style event called NetSquared Camp Toronto. With 101 participants and 16 sessions, it was a busy and very full day with lots of learning and networking. This blog post brings together some of the highlights and learnings from the day, both for participants and for those who couldn't come but are interested in what we did or in learning about the approach.

To get a feel for the energy and structure of the day, this video shows the highlights. Thanks to Spencer Mann from the Commun-IT initiative at COCo, one of our NetSquared Camp participants, for putting this together.

Eli van der Giessen, the NetSquared Local Community Curator and organizer of Vancouver Net Tuesday added a new spin to the video by using Popcorn Maker to add annotations (such as links to session notes) and dynamic content to the video:

In her keynote presentation, Jane (TechSoup Canada's Executive Director) encouraged participants to share their passion for their cause with supporters:

Participants crowdsourced notes for each session. Browse the wiki with all notes, or check out some of the sessions with the most notes:

NetSquared Camp Toronto in photos:

We got an amazing amount of feedback about the event, with around 50% of participants answering the follow-up survey. The results of the survey are compiled in this document:

One of our participants, James Howe of Communicate and Howe! created a Storify to capture the many tweets that happened during the day: