NetSquared Camp Portland - Event Recap

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On June 25, over 70 participants came together at NetSquared Camp Portland to learn, share insights, and build sustainable collaborations in an open environment. The Camp, one in a series of Camps Pilot events, was a successful gathering focusing on social innovation and increasing impact in the local community and beyond. Below, we've outlined some of the information, outcomes and key take-aways from the event. For even more information, check out this great wrap-up post from Zero Strategist.

Net2 Camp Portland

Portland’s NetSquared Camp was held on June 25th from 9am – 3pm at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The free event brought together nonprofit/ngo leaders, designers, developers, advocacy groups, fundraising professionals, communications specialists, and entrepreneurs to contribute, brainstorm and discover ideas for creating social change through the use of technology.


Key Speakers:

  • Keynote – What the real time web and collaboration means to nonprofits by Marshall Kirkpatrick
  • Community Building by Amy Sample Ward and Ash Shepherd
  • Web Analytics by Brett Meyer
  • Integrating Social Media into Communications & Development Strategies by Noland Hoshino and Lise Harwin

Breakout Sessions:

Dream Box:

  • Data visualization & cloud computing
  • How to measure impact of social change through online communities
  • Collaboration vs. Partnerships

Dream Tent:

  • Worst Barriers, Success Stories
  • Show Us Your Toolbox
  • Engaging young people in technology
  • Private Online Community Resources for the social media phobic


  • Mobile app to better lives of low-income people
  • Non-profit change management
  • Co-creating for social good
  • Portland Community Media

Media and more

Check out some of the resources and media from the Camp:

Stories from participants

Here is a bit of the positive feedback from the Camp participants that was gathered through the post-event survey
  • Meeting some of the local social media users. Networking. Good discussions.
  • The conversation cafe and the morning breakout sessions were great.
  • Tools.
  • I was only there for half the event but the opening speaker was amazing.
  • Learning about other nonprofit needs.
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick's presentation. I would have liked him to talk about how we could utilize the concept he showed us.
  • The opportunity to meet so many who are excited and involved in new tech for non-profits.
  • Collaboration of ideas, sharing of horror/success stories.
  • Afternoon un-conference style sessions.
  • It was generally a great event to network and share ideas.
  • Networking and sharing new tools.


About the NetSquared Portland Organizer

Donna ArriagaDonna Arriaga

I'm Donna Arriaga, and I'm excited to share that I'll be organizing a NetSquared Camp in Portland, Oregon.  

For the past two years, I've been actively involved in NetTuesday/501TechClub events in Portland. Beginning about a year and a half ago, I started co-organizing nptech events with two other fellow nptechies through PDXTech4Good.  Being a part of these community events has provided me with an amazing opportunity to meet, share ideas with, and learn from a diverse array of professionals.  

These local events offer opportunities for both seasoned professionals and emerging leaders to exchange fresh, new insights and practices.  But sometimes, monthly meetings just aren't enough.  That's why I'm excited to bring a Camp to Portland.  Portland has an abundance of savvy tech enthusiasts, np/ngo leaders, developers, communicators and fundraisers who are poised to share ideas and build new collaborations.  And an all-day NetSquared Camp is exactly what we need to help set the stage!   

Connect with Donna:

About the Camp Pilot

NetSquared Camp events are fully-sanctioned NetSquared events that have a project focus and bring together local innovators and changemakers to build something together.  Camp organizers receive direct organizing support from the NetSquared team in addition to organizing resources and templates. Learn more in the Camps FAQ.