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 NetSquared Camp  kribi-Cameroon is set for the 17th of January 2015 on the theme: ‘blending crowd sourcing technologies for local content development’.

The event will bring together social activists, change makers, ICT experts and other stake holders interested in local content development. The objective of the event is to demonstrate various ways in which local content development could be used to foster social development in this part of the world.
The event is designed in three phases:

1. Capacity building for potential NetSquared organizers (2 weeks before event). We will identify and train five (5) dynamic youths interested in ICTs including two boys and three girls drawn from civil society, and local universities who will commit themselves to organize Netsquared groups in their localities. The beneficiaries will be taught to use OpenStreet Map (OSM) and GPS equipment to collect geographic data on the one hand and link data to digital stories from their communities on the other hand. They will explore technics in blogging, micro blogging, social media data sharing, web photos and how to write, link and tag stories from local communities to the digital map. Applications involved are: Wordpress, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook and openStreetmap software.

2. Field work (1week before event): Trainees will be deployed in the field to collect data using GPS equipments and get stories from the communities involved. Such data include: location of public and private institutions, streets, Palaces, cultural symbols, forests, touristic sites etc. The data collected will be updated to the OpenStreetMaps while the stories will be blogged, linked to the map and tagged systematically.

Why is this event appropriate?
It will:
1) Contribute in the expansion of the NetSquared Network in terms of bringing in new members and organizers
2) Promote the network in Kribi
3) Consolidate existing members and organizers
4) Energize and orientate new organizers for future missions
5) Create an opportunity for project idea owners and other participants to connect to people and opportunities through the NetSquared platform

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