NetSquared Camp Cameroon - Event Recap

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Net2 Camp CameroonThe NetSquared Camp pilot is off and running: The first event, in Cameroon, was a great success, with more events scheduled throughout the summer. On May 29th, 65 participants came together at Maison de Jeunes Bepanda, in Douala, Cameroon, for a full day of presentations and opportunities to share, learn and build together. The lead organizer, Asama Excel, provides a great overview of the event below - and, if you have satelite TV, check out the coverage!

Net2 Camp Cameroon

Most of the participants were unfamiliar with the social web and "Web 2.0" technologies, strategies, and opportunities. Excel opened the event with a presentation overview of the Camps pilot and introduced the day. Following on, presentations covered both general information about social media as well as specific projects people were working on locally. Participants came from a diverse background including civil society, government, media, ICT, CEOs and volunteers.

The day also included diagloge around barriers and issues local groups face when trying to access or adopt new technologies including "ignorance of the technology, economic hardship, and absence of social platforms for collaborative work."  As Excel explained, "The stories from participants gave us a clear state of the challenges they are going through... Almost everyone regretted the lack of information and platforms for information sharing in Cameroon."


Check out photos from the Cameroon Camp on Flickr!

Video from the day will be posted soon, too.


Embeded below are the presentations from Asama and other speakers at the May 29th event.

Asama Abel Excel, President & CEO, i-Vission International



Emmanuel  Kichem, Director of Soft Prix Sarl



Prof. G.A.V. Penda Etongue II, Representative Hemisphere III



Kindzeka Nestor, CEO, Foundation for Youth Capacity Building (FYCB) Cameroon



Anagho Daniel, Coordinator, Netsquared Buea



Additional presenters included:

Dogmo Guy Betrand

Mme Massopo Emmanuelle, President, FEBASS

Djionkeng Olivier, Environement Sans Frontieres

Chekem Pierre, President & CEO, Partnership Cameroon

Lobe Celestin, Coordinator, Netsquared Kribi

About the Organizer

net tuesday cameroon

Asama Abel Excel

Founding President and CEO of i-Vission International; an International NGO with headquarters in Douala Cameroon. The mission of the organisation is to empower computer literacy and break the digital divide between the North and the South.

Graduate, holder of a Certificate on Conflict Analysis from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and Information System Engineer by profession.   Held many key functions for many years including: Administrative Assistant and Translator with the United Nations (MINURCA), Manager of World Business Consulting...

Present organizer of the Douala Netsquared Meetup and is extending the network nation wide.  

Excel is convinced that we are in the information age, and whosoever is not informed is deformed. He is   motivated and dedicated in empowering people with the ICT. He has organized many seminars, workshops, radio and TV programs on ICT, written books including, "i-Power (Getting the best out of the internet)" and "7 Keys to Successful Building."

His top priority for 2009/2010 is to setup a network in Cameroon, to combat cyber crimes.   Any one updated in this issue is free to contact him for future collaboration.   In a nut shell, Excel will like to meet new people and organisations who have the ambition to live in a more secure and just world, and possess the required passion to make it happen.

Why did you participate in the Camp pilot?

  • To help share the Netsquared and Camp visions to Cameroonians.
  • Facilitate collaborative work amongst civil society organizations through the platform
  • Foster access to the social web in Cameroon

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About the Camp Pilot

NetSquared Camp events are fully-sanctioned NetSquared events that have a project focus and bring together local innovators and changemakers to build something together.  Camp organizers receive direct organizing support from the NetSquared team in addition to organizing resources and templates. Learn more in the Camps FAQ.