Netsquared Camp @2013 CAMEROON

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 The goal of Netsquared Camp 2013, Cameroon was to build a community of techies and members who can actively participate in the extension of the network both in their local communities and beyond. This was done through:

  • One week workshop to train participants on web development, fund raising and online Communication from the 9th to the 12th of September 2013,
  • One day conference on the 20th of September 2013 with the press to mobilize new members for local groups.

One week workshop

This workshop brought together fifteen motivated and engaged citizens from different social backgrounds among which were civil society organizations, civil servants, businesses and religious bodies. The participants had a wonderful marathon in learning the following web applications: Web development :

Initiation to Web Communication

One day conference

The conference assembled fifty five (55) participants including civil servants, civil society, techies, businesses and pressmen @ hotel Lewatin Doulala.

Major activities of the day

·         Presentation of Netsquared and Techsoup by Excel Asama

·         Restitution of the one week workshop by Grace Same, Coordinator of Women and Girls in ICTs Working Group (

·         Presentation of the global campaign on ‘Women raise their voices for peace through Social Media’ by Sylvie Ndongmo president of Women Peace Initiatives, founder of FEMNET Cameroon and coordinator of the AWANICH and COREFAC Networks in Cameroon and Central Africa.

Key projects presented

·Prevention Talk:An initiative to demonstrate the power of Web2.0 in the prevention of socio political crisis and the promotion of pace with case study; legislatives and municipal elections in Cameroon come September 30; 2013.

Presenter:Excel Asama

Organization:I-Vission International (

·  Cameroon Road Safety Platform presented by Grace SAME. The objective of the project is to combat road insecurity in Cameroon via the Internet.

Website: under construction @

Netsquared Camp Cameroon 2013 attempted a response to the following needs:

1.      Slow penetration rate of the network in this part of the world;

  1. Indifference of citizens to ICT matters as a result of ignorance;
  2. Absence of a team of techies ready to engage in ICT start ups.  

 Outputs of the Camp

  • Fifteen (15) participants were trained on Web development, Web Communication etc
  • A team of techies to boost the Netsquared Network  was put in place
  • We succeeded to create awareness on the Netsquared network in particular and the ICTs as a whole in our Sub region through national and international press
  • More members joined Netsquared Cameroon local groups from 92 to 104 and is growing
  • Four Regional Delegates from Government officially declared their support for the network!


-         Workshop pictures:

-         Conference pictures:


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