The NetSquared Boston survey promotion emails

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When I first began promoting the NetSquared Boston community survey, we had very few responses. I realized that:

  1. I was burying the calls to action within longer messages (our biweekly updates)
  2. The calls to action needed to be more entertaining

Here are the emails that led to a higher response rate:

E-mail #1

Want a present from NetSquared Boston?

Red bow

You're in luck! Being a member of NetSquared Boston gives you access to free and affordable networking and professional development. Every month, our calendar is full of activities... and we're planning new ideas for next year!

We need your help to make NetSquared Boston even better. Click here to take our one-question survey and help us choose our event topics for the coming year:


Yes, it's a survey - but it's easy! Answer one question to help us pick our activities. Then watch our calendar to see the postings show up. It's just like getting a present... without the bow and wrapping paper.

Your co-organizer,

Kat Friedrich

E-mail #2

Don't let the ball drop before you fill out our one-question survey!

image of the New York City New Year's ball

Gearing up for your nonprofit tech projects in the New Year?

Help us kick off NetSquared Boston's upcoming events by answering our one-question poll:


Thanks for your answers. Happy holidays!

Your co-organizer,

Kat Friedrich