The NetSquared Boston community survey

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Because of my experience in marketing, I've always targeted NetSquared Boston's activities to fill unmet needs in the local nonprofit tech community. This winter, I invited our members to fill out the following survey. Here are the question and the responses:

If NetSquared offered these resources, would that be useful to the Boston nonprofit tech community?

Skill sharing (one-on-one) 
4 votes (27%) 

Skill sharing (small group) 
12 votes (80%) 

6 votes (40%) 

Job fair info 
0 votes (0%) 

Job listings 
8 votes (53%) 

Links to job search sites 
2 votes (13%) 

Facebook group 
2 votes (13%) 

Info about coworking spaces 
5 votes (33%) 

Business development resources or info 
7 votes (47%) 

Info about general-interest tech events (not just for nonprofits) 
7 votes (47%) 

Project nights (where groups meet to work) 
7 votes (47%) 

Simultaneously, I've been testing the group's interest in different topics by posting events of a variety of kinds. It appears that hackathons, networking events, events related to cloud computing, data visualization events, fundraising trainings, and webinars are also of interest to the group. Academic presentations, social media workshops, and job fair-related events are not very interesting to our members.

I plan to meet with our three new assistant organizers this week to talk about the next steps that we plan to take.