NetSquared Bengaluru: Social Media Best Practices for NGOs

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Recorded September 1, 2020.

Attend this tell-all webinar on the many ways NGOs can leverage their social media presence, from brand building to donor cultivation and fundraising. Whether you are a small NGO with zero budget or a large NGO that wants to optimise social media spend, this webinar has all the answers you need from those who have aced it!

Hosted by Mayura Sandeep of SriKa Marketing for Nonprofits.
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Chat Log

01:34:17    Heather Kaushik:    What challenges did you face in Rural communities while working with schools?
01:40:31    nandita.mishra:    Yes
02:05:27    Raja Natarajan:    Is there any success story on leveraging the farming community through Social Media Strategies by the NGOs (preferably institutional NGO setup)? Thanks
02:09:02    Heather Kaushik:    We have a small organization that hasn't focused on video content much....What "rules" do you have for shareable video content in your organization?
02:20:35    Raghavan:    Voice is breaking
02:20:53    Raghavan:    It is better now. Thanks.
02:38:16    Raghavan:    How important is SEO for reaching out to more people?