NetSquared Bengaluru: How to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign More Effective

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Hosted by NetSquared Bengaluru on July 7, 2020.

Crowdfunding is the need of the hour, and a great fundraising alternative for NGOs whose regular fundraising means have been hampered by the Covid-19 crisis. Join this webinar for tips and strategies on running a successful crowdfinding campaign online, with Priyanka Prakash, who heads Online Giving at Give India, one of India's largest and most trusted crowdfunding platforms. Surely, a "must-attend" event for nonprofit and social sector professionals.

Hosted by Mayura Sandeep, Founder, SriKa Marketing for Nonprofits and NetSquared Bengaluru Organiser. Follow her at @mayurasandeep

Chat Log

00:47:38    Asim Virani:    Im planning to start a new NGO. please share some data on number of NGOs according to sectors along with the process of registering NGO & how the accounts/taxation works
00:48:16    Asim Virani:    please also share the list of crowd funding website links shown in the beginning 
00:51:05    Darshita Singh:    how to track the donation trend/ data on daily basis or consistently so that marketing or communication strategies can be modified on real time basis ?
00:51:59    Shikha Shiv Kumar:    What Is your take on how/if an NGO should change their crowdfunding strategy considering the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you believe that donors will face an exhaustion of donating towards COVID-19 and thus, not donate to other important causes, such as, education for underprovided children?   
00:53:10    Anslem Rosario:    Most NGOs are in  hybrid model with a combination of non profit and for profit.  Does the Crowd funding platform also supports for profit social enterprises
00:53:24    Saira Patil:    please share the list of crowd funding website links shown in the beginning 
00:53:32    Koushik Yanamandram:    Are there any examples of NGOs/organisations that have totally been running their programs using only crowdfunding? 
00:57:03    Sachin Revankar:    Any crowdfunding done by collaborating two or more NGOs together
00:58:37    Koushik Yanamandram:    How does the matching campaign work? Who are generally the kind of funders who do matching contributions to  crowdfunding?
01:00:00    priyanka prakash:
01:03:42    Anslem Rosario:    Do we get the recording of this meet to review for absorbing information shared
01:04:49    Sachin Revankar:    how much max supporter any campaign as seen till now..example abandoned infant has around 1500 supporter.. 
01:08:03    Life Pedia:    Hey Sujitha here, Do I have to submit a report to Give India on how the money is utilised ?  
01:08:54    Divya Subramanian:    What is UTM?
01:09:43    P Megharaju:    wehave already rigistered in give india, how long it will take receive the funds
01:11:57    Madhu MK:    we can try companies n colleges. your opinion please.
01:20:09    Sharadha:    While healthcare, children and education are most successful; in your experience are there any causes where crowdfunding has just not worked?
01:22:39    Sachin Revankar:    does giveindia help to do collaboration do to collaborative campaign
01:23:15    Life Pedia:    Amazing session Thank you so much 
01:23:18    Deepa:    Thanks for organising this session.
01:23:27    Divya M R:    thank you
01:24:39    priyanka prakash:
01:24:44    priyanka prakash:    The link to onboarding with GiveIndia
01:24:55    priyanka prakash:    Thank you Mayura!
01:25:01    Sharadha:    Thank you so much. Great session
01:25:08    Manoj PV:    Thank you Priyanka and thank you mayura
01:25:09    Sachin Revankar:    Thank you all



00:25:39.870 --> 00:25:48.600
Mayura Sandeep: Hi everyone. Good evening, and welcome to this webinar today on how to make your crowdfunding campaign more effective.

00:25:49.980 --> 00:25:58.110
Mayura Sandeep: So a lot of you here are nonprofit professionals and you'd agree that most of you are facing emergency fundraising needs today.

00:25:58.770 --> 00:26:10.980
Mayura Sandeep: Due to the covert 19 pandemic. It's either because you're trying to raise emergency funds for your relief work or because your regular fundraising means were hampered due to the crisis.

00:26:12.360 --> 00:26:17.130
Mayura Sandeep: So that makes crowdfunding quite a critical topic in the times that we are in

00:26:18.240 --> 00:26:30.540
Mayura Sandeep: And I believe it's the need of the hour for NGOs to understand how they could use this nonprofit tech platform to raise funds and help them light through the crisis situation.

00:26:34.620 --> 00:26:41.250
Mayura Sandeep: So with me today is our guest speaker Priyanka Prakash welcome Priyanka,

00:26:44.340 --> 00:26:48.000
priyanka prakash: Hi, my rod. Thanks for hosting this and very happy to be here.

00:26:48.810 --> 00:26:51.450
Mayura Sandeep: Thank you very glad to have with happy with us today.

00:26:51.450 --> 00:27:03.360
Mayura Sandeep: Priyanka, Priyanka heads online giving marketing and partnerships at give India, which is one of India's largest and most trusted crowdfunding platforms and your host today will be me my uterus, indeed.

00:27:04.080 --> 00:27:19.860
Mayura Sandeep: I organized Net Squared Bengaluru it's a it's a pretty new chapter of Net Squared. And I also happen to run a run a marketing agency Costa Rica marketing for nonprofits. We are an integrated marketing and communications firm that is dedicated to the nonprofit sector.

00:27:22.650 --> 00:27:28.350
Mayura Sandeep: So before we get on to the webinar a few things about what Net Squared is since all of us are new to this.

00:27:28.950 --> 00:27:44.370
Mayura Sandeep: And it's quite as a global network of tech for good meetups it happens across the world. And it's a program of tech Su. And for those of you not familiar with tech soup. It's a nonprofit that helps other NGOs access, implement and use technology for their work effectively.

00:27:46.800 --> 00:27:52.920
Mayura Sandeep: So next great Bengaluru is one of the hundred and 28 chapters across the world of Net Squared.

00:27:55.110 --> 00:27:59.640
Mayura Sandeep: And in India. Next, go ahead and take super represented by the nice calm foundation

00:28:01.860 --> 00:28:14.610
Mayura Sandeep: So let's get to the topic, then I think from the questions that that were raised during the registration. I could figure that a lot of you are new to the concept of crowdfunding. So I thought I'll just take you through a few basics.

00:28:16.080 --> 00:28:18.480
Mayura Sandeep: Before we interact with Priyanka,

00:28:19.500 --> 00:28:30.600
Mayura Sandeep: So what is online crowdfunding. For those of you know, new to it. It's simply a fundraising effort by a non profit today small donations from a large number of people.

00:28:31.080 --> 00:28:39.510
Mayura Sandeep: And it's mostly done using websites or platforms that are tailored to showcase your specific projects or causes and accept donations

00:28:41.880 --> 00:28:51.210
Mayura Sandeep: So why should nonprofits use crowdfunding. First of all, because it's quick and easy to set up. Because there is a ready platform available to you that you could use.

00:28:51.780 --> 00:29:05.790
Mayura Sandeep: So you don't need to have any special technical skills to create a crowdfunding campaign. It also needs minimum investment. So on most crowdfunding platforms. It's free to set up a campaign and you only pay based on the funds that you raise

00:29:07.140 --> 00:29:16.620
Mayura Sandeep: And it's completely online, which I think is with news, considering the time that we are in your staff can work from home and help you raise funds for your nonprofit.

00:29:20.370 --> 00:29:20.940
Mayura Sandeep: OK.

00:29:22.140 --> 00:29:24.210
Mayura Sandeep: So now that we know what

00:29:25.470 --> 00:29:27.780
Mayura Sandeep: Are you able to see my screen.

00:29:30.240 --> 00:29:30.690

00:29:36.900 --> 00:29:39.150
Mayura Sandeep: OK, so now that

00:29:40.320 --> 00:29:49.530
Mayura Sandeep: We learned what crowdfunding is I think the first step towards setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign is selecting the right platform.

00:29:51.000 --> 00:30:00.810
Mayura Sandeep: So in India we have quite a few crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits. There's given India, which is one of the leading platforms. We also have kato

00:30:01.560 --> 00:30:16.440
Mayura Sandeep: We have Mila donate card impact guru. And for those of you not attending from India. You're a few global platforms that are equally good for nonprofit talk funding. There's Go Fund Me this classy.

00:30:17.520 --> 00:30:18.450
Mayura Sandeep: And there's funding.

00:30:20.190 --> 00:30:28.680
Mayura Sandeep: So there are a lot more platforms out there, and I encourage you to go through them and figure out what works best for your nonprofit.

00:30:29.520 --> 00:30:38.400
Mayura Sandeep: So once you select the right crowdfunding platform. The next step is to start a campaign on the platform, right. So starting a campaign on

00:30:38.760 --> 00:30:49.680
Mayura Sandeep: On the platform is pretty easy. You just click on Start your campaign and the platform takes you through a few quick and easy steps to register your nonprofit and then set up the campaign page.

00:30:51.000 --> 00:30:57.030
Mayura Sandeep: So while setting up the campaign page, I would think that are very important consider

00:30:59.340 --> 00:31:05.610
Mayura Sandeep: To make your campaign page effective. So under selecting one case study for you.

00:31:07.830 --> 00:31:15.750
Mayura Sandeep: To show you how to make a campaign page more effective and I believe it's all about effective communication when it comes to setting up your campaign page.

00:31:17.640 --> 00:31:24.810
Mayura Sandeep: So the first thing you would notice you're on the page is the image right the banner image of the campaign.

00:31:25.560 --> 00:31:33.810
Mayura Sandeep: So it's very important that you select a good campaign banner image that represents your calls and your campaign effectively.

00:31:34.290 --> 00:31:49.380
Mayura Sandeep: Shows people why you're raising funds and for whom the next thing you would notice is the campaign title. So make sure that you, you have a campaign title that is short and very clear and communicates what you're trying to do with the campaign.

00:31:51.270 --> 00:32:00.390
Mayura Sandeep: So it also helps to make your campaign title and action statement like help us change lives or change the future or empower rural children.

00:32:02.310 --> 00:32:11.010
Mayura Sandeep: So now coming to the campaign communication. There are a few elements that we generally consider in making your campaign description effective. The first is

00:32:11.670 --> 00:32:28.380
Mayura Sandeep: describing your problem statement effectively. So what problem are you trying to solve. Why is it important to solve that problem. And why is it important to solve that problem now. So having a sense of urgency in your problem statement makes it more effective. I'd like to believe

00:32:29.820 --> 00:32:37.350
Mayura Sandeep: So then we move on to how you as a nonprofit I trying to solve that problem. What is your specific solution to the problem.

00:32:38.010 --> 00:32:45.810
Mayura Sandeep: So don't be vague in your solution statement. Don't say we want to change lives. We want to empower more women be very specific.

00:32:46.170 --> 00:32:52.950
Mayura Sandeep: Talk about how you're solving the problem include numbers, be specific about your approach. For example, it says

00:32:53.520 --> 00:33:05.310
Mayura Sandeep: Team Everest is a program to support parentless single parents of children with big dreams and currently we sponsor 400 students for their college education. That's a specific solution statement.

00:33:06.840 --> 00:33:19.260
Mayura Sandeep: Next we talk about why a donor must support your cause, why should they donate and how will the donation help so it really helps to have a very

00:33:20.670 --> 00:33:28.860
Mayura Sandeep: Clear impact statement. For example, it says this here, the impact statement used by the nonprofit is on

00:33:29.460 --> 00:33:39.840
Mayura Sandeep: Is a statement by the donor. So it says, I want to change the future of at least one parent lives or single parenthood students this year. So make a donation and change their future now.

00:33:41.100 --> 00:33:56.310
Mayura Sandeep: So it's also important that your impact statement is directly related to the donation amounts that you have chosen so every platform offers a few preset donation options. So you're on, given the

00:33:57.600 --> 00:34:04.020
Mayura Sandeep: They have two priests, a donation options general and there is one open field where the donor can donate any other amount

00:34:04.470 --> 00:34:21.540
Mayura Sandeep: So make sure that each of these preset donation amounts have a very specific impact associated to the amount for example rupees 2000 will buy books in stationery cost per year. So the donor knows how much he's donating and how that money is going to be used by the nonprofit.

00:34:23.130 --> 00:34:29.490
Mayura Sandeep: So these were some tips on how to create effective campaign communication. So once you set

00:34:30.300 --> 00:34:37.680
Mayura Sandeep: Set up your campaign, you be the you submit the campaign to the platform and hopefully in a couple of days your campaign will be live

00:34:38.220 --> 00:34:45.720
Mayura Sandeep: So now what you have a great campaign page but no one's going to donate unless they know you have a campaign page, right. So how do you spread the word.

00:34:46.350 --> 00:35:02.100
Mayura Sandeep: So generally all campaign platforms crowdfunding platforms have social sharing options like you see here to make sure that you activate a large number of people, right, including your employees, your

00:35:03.360 --> 00:35:17.670
Mayura Sandeep: Board members, your volunteers to become your evangelists on social media, ask them to come and share your campaign link on their social media pages and make an appeal on your behalf.

00:35:18.510 --> 00:35:25.890
Mayura Sandeep: To the more number of people that learn about your campaign, the more chances are that you will raise funds. There's another very cool feature on

00:35:26.370 --> 00:35:39.120
Mayura Sandeep: Most crowdfunding platforms which is start a campaign. So the platform allows anybody who is passionate about your course to go and set up a support campaign to help you meet your fundraising goal.

00:35:40.020 --> 00:35:49.620
Mayura Sandeep: So we didn't speak about fundraising goal. I'll get to that. So your campaign must have a specific fundraising goal set. Let's say you want to raise 25 lakhs.

00:35:50.010 --> 00:35:57.270
Mayura Sandeep: And you have to justify that within your campaign communication. Why are you raising 25 lakhs. And how's it going to help. Now, when your

00:35:58.470 --> 00:36:10.560
Mayura Sandeep: Supporters create their own campaigns to support your main campaign. They can set their own fundraising goals for example your I could say I want to raise 10,000 rupees to help

00:36:11.640 --> 00:36:19.710
Mayura Sandeep: Your nonprofit reach reach its campaign goal. So it could have its own so your supporter can have their own campaign name.

00:36:20.580 --> 00:36:34.530
Mayura Sandeep: For the campaign. They can set up their own indeed they can have their own goal and and the more number of people that will set up their own support campaigns for you. The more chances that are that you will reach your fundraising goal quickly and successfully.

00:36:36.330 --> 00:36:41.490
Mayura Sandeep: So these were some tips on how to make your crowdfunding campaign more effective.

00:36:43.230 --> 00:36:49.170
Mayura Sandeep: Activate people to share about your campaign on social media on email on WhatsApp.

00:36:49.710 --> 00:37:02.970
Mayura Sandeep: Also activate people to set up support campaigns for you. So, which becomes what we call in fundraising jargon PR to PR campaigns and PR to PR campaigns are known to be one of the most successful modes of raising funds.

00:37:04.260 --> 00:37:13.980
Mayura Sandeep: Now let's come to the cost. Most crowdfunding campaigns charge between five to 10%

00:37:15.900 --> 00:37:17.970
Mayura Sandeep: Which includes two kinds of

00:37:19.230 --> 00:37:37.830
Mayura Sandeep: Fees, one is the platform fee and then there is the payment processing fee. So if you add these two up generally in the range of five to 10%. Now there are a few platforms that claim to be free but then they still charge the transaction fee. So I encourage you to go and go through the

00:37:38.910 --> 00:37:41.970
Mayura Sandeep: fee structures of various platforms and see what works for you.

00:37:43.860 --> 00:37:47.460
Mayura Sandeep: So that's about it. We come to the

00:37:49.410 --> 00:37:54.120
Mayura Sandeep: End of the introduction section to crowdfunding.

00:37:55.980 --> 00:37:57.960
Mayura Sandeep: And now we're ready to go into

00:38:00.810 --> 00:38:02.340
Mayura Sandeep: The most awaited section.

00:38:03.480 --> 00:38:07.890
Mayura Sandeep: Of today, which is an interaction with Bianca. BIANCA you

00:38:10.050 --> 00:38:10.860
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, great.

00:38:11.280 --> 00:38:12.330
priyanka prakash: I'm a euro, yes.

00:38:12.390 --> 00:38:12.720

00:38:13.830 --> 00:38:31.290
Mayura Sandeep: So I'm going to be talking to Priyanka, about how she sees crowdfunding and how nonprofits could make it successful as somebody from the platforms perspective and as someone who works with given yeah she she looks at fundraising campaigns, day in and day out, and she sees how

00:38:32.550 --> 00:38:36.510
Mayura Sandeep: They become successful or not. So it would be a very interesting chat. I think

00:38:37.890 --> 00:38:40.980
Mayura Sandeep: To thanks Bianca for your patience. First of all, by 11 through this

00:38:41.850 --> 00:38:56.940
Mayura Sandeep: Problem. Let's begin. So I think that first one as someone who's been with given Leah. How have you seen crowdfunding change over the last few years, especially from a non profit crowdfunding perspective.

00:38:58.800 --> 00:39:01.410
priyanka prakash: I'm few things right. I think

00:39:02.700 --> 00:39:06.630
priyanka prakash: A one is I think from an air I'll speak more from an NGO perspective because it

00:39:06.630 --> 00:39:08.640
priyanka prakash: Tries like a lot of the people you're have come

00:39:08.640 --> 00:39:25.020
priyanka prakash: From different NGOs, um, while traditionally NGOs have utilize the, you know, offline model and also going, you know, raising funds on their own platform. I feel over the past two years, especially one to two years we have seen a lot of NGOs.

00:39:26.160 --> 00:39:36.810
priyanka prakash: You know what a response on several platforms, whether it has given your other platforms they have realized that, you know, building a platform on their own.

00:39:37.230 --> 00:39:45.840
priyanka prakash: And also finding, you know, finding all the tools that are required to, you know, reach out to their donors retain their donors engage with their donors.

00:39:46.680 --> 00:39:58.470
priyanka prakash: Is not something very easy to do on their own, whereas platforms such as given here and several others already provide all these tools. So, we have seen that, you know, several nonprofits have actively moved

00:39:59.580 --> 00:40:02.010
priyanka prakash: Towards raising funds on these platforms.

00:40:03.180 --> 00:40:15.750
priyanka prakash: Also because it is very viable from a cost perspective and also because of these platforms which has given me and the other platforms provide a lot of tools to reach out to new donors that you wouldn't have acquired otherwise.

00:40:17.580 --> 00:40:28.470
priyanka prakash: For example, I can talk about given a itself on given. Do we have our crowdfunding platform is called fundraisers on fundraisers. Every year we have close to

00:40:29.130 --> 00:40:33.930
priyanka prakash: You know, right now we have about thousand 400 nonprofits who raise funds on our platform.

00:40:34.770 --> 00:40:41.760
priyanka prakash: Every year, we have a few challenges where we provide matching funds and we see at least 100 to 500 platforms come and raise funds.

00:40:42.120 --> 00:40:55.380
priyanka prakash: This year, for example, in February about 200 200 to 250 nonprofits came together to raise about 11 close on our platform through a one month period only. So, I do believe that NGOs are becoming more

00:40:56.610 --> 00:41:02.580
priyanka prakash: Aware of how to leverage platforms to reach out to new donors and engage with them.

00:41:03.390 --> 00:41:18.120
Mayura Sandeep: Right. So you talk a little about this, but how have you seen nonprofits utilize the given their platform during the poet crisis. Have you seen a definite upsurge in the use of crowdfunding platforms and how successful have they been

00:41:19.020 --> 00:41:26.850
priyanka prakash: Absolutely. During covert I think there were two types of nonprofits one set of nonprofits who were working in the covert space.

00:41:27.840 --> 00:41:30.630
priyanka prakash: And for them, I think the platform has been very, very

00:41:31.110 --> 00:41:44.250
priyanka prakash: You know, useful. So we as a platform. By the way, we run two types of campaigns. One is we provide the platform for NGOs to come and create their own fundraisers and raise funds and we provide all the tools.

00:41:44.880 --> 00:41:56.760
priyanka prakash: And also marketing support for you to reach out to your donors and raise funds, then there's another type of campaign where we ourselves formulate several campaign missions and we promote them.

00:41:57.570 --> 00:42:11.610
priyanka prakash: For code we raised over 50 to 60 cross on retail fundraising on our platform. And for that we came up with specific programs such as, you know, whether it is meals or Russian kits or beaches or

00:42:12.120 --> 00:42:29.760
priyanka prakash: You know, sanitary pads for all the women in the hinterlands of the country. And we then work with nonprofits to raise funds on our platform for example the VHS campaign raised over 15 crawls the meals campaign raised over, you know, several you know 10s of lacks

00:42:31.350 --> 00:42:31.830
priyanka prakash: So,

00:42:33.090 --> 00:42:45.480
priyanka prakash: NGOs which did specific covert work definitely raised a lot of funds on our platform at the same time NGOs who were not doing any specific covert work, but because of the, you know,

00:42:46.920 --> 00:42:53.580
priyanka prakash: You know donor sentiment shifting towards covert a lot of NGOs were also able to set up fundraisers.

00:42:53.940 --> 00:43:06.930
priyanka prakash: At the time of covert reach out to their donor database and say, hey, we're not getting any donations right now because the sentiment has moved towards covert please help us out and they were also able to raise quite a bit of funds.

00:43:08.010 --> 00:43:14.010
priyanka prakash: And I think the messaging was very strong there and they were also able to

00:43:15.030 --> 00:43:25.230
priyanka prakash: You know, utilize the several tools that we provide for them, whether it is to reach out to their donors social sharing providing all the

00:43:25.590 --> 00:43:39.540
priyanka prakash: Different nudges or, you know, providing them guidance on what is the kind of pricing and messaging that you need to have we provided all that feedback to them. But, you know, both type of NGOs reacted very well on how to leverage the platform during covert

00:43:40.080 --> 00:43:50.910
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, great. So you actually spoke about two kinds of fundraisers that given the help set up. So most nonprofits are aware of the first one, where they register and then they go set up their campaign.

00:43:51.510 --> 00:43:59.490
Mayura Sandeep: So there was this other option but given the I sets it up for specific causes, especially during the pool with crisis. So how does a nonprofit approach you for that.

00:44:00.600 --> 00:44:01.920
Mayura Sandeep: How did they become part of this.

00:44:02.670 --> 00:44:08.550
priyanka prakash: So, typically the way we work is we have our due diligence and onboarding process. And during that process.

00:44:09.690 --> 00:44:17.580
priyanka prakash: Once you complete that process and you're registered on the platform we accept proposals from several nonprofits all the nonprofits. In fact,

00:44:18.090 --> 00:44:24.480
priyanka prakash: And if there is something specific that you know we feel from a retail fundraising perspective is very

00:44:25.470 --> 00:44:33.780
priyanka prakash: We if we feel that there's a lot of potential there. Then we pick that up and we worked with the NGO to set up a campaign and, you know, promote that along with the campaign.

00:44:34.410 --> 00:44:41.550
priyanka prakash: For example, currently we are running a campaign with this NGO called snap alia where we raised about 42 lakhs in less than a month.

00:44:42.540 --> 00:44:53.010
priyanka prakash: It will be. It's not a covert campaign but snake alia runs an orphanage for newborn infants and we felt that it's a very vital, it's not covert

00:44:53.460 --> 00:45:04.170
priyanka prakash: But because of covert they had a lot of infants being, you know, orphaned at this point, but they're not getting enough donation. So we use that as a whole. We created a video we promoted that

00:45:05.190 --> 00:45:13.500
priyanka prakash: There is a certain share of course when it comes to marketing with the NGO and us. And if the NGOs open to do that will be definitely open to looking at

00:45:13.800 --> 00:45:20.190
priyanka prakash: Causes whether you know causes very there's a high sense of urgency and require in the funds that has to be raised.

00:45:20.670 --> 00:45:31.800
priyanka prakash: And also, if there's a very good fit with retail fundraising. If we know that retail individual givers will find this cause with this program is something that will you know where the conversion rates will be high, then we'll pick it up.

00:45:32.430 --> 00:45:36.060
Mayura Sandeep: Right. Got it. So basically, they have to send you a proposal.

00:45:36.570 --> 00:45:48.120
Mayura Sandeep: Yes, then you will consider if it works or not based on the situation. Yes. I hope you all got it. Okay. So I want to talk about this early great fundraiser that given the date for Kobe relief.

00:45:48.930 --> 00:46:01.020
Mayura Sandeep: It was probably the largest that India has seen and it was actually the talk of the town, including the Bollywood town. So just want to know what was your experience at somebody organizing it.

00:46:02.340 --> 00:46:07.020
Mayura Sandeep: What were your biggest learnings and takeaways from that that could benefit other nonprofits.

00:46:07.650 --> 00:46:09.150
priyanka prakash: Are you talking about I for India.

00:46:09.480 --> 00:46:10.890
Mayura Sandeep: Yes, I'm talking what I put in there.

00:46:11.400 --> 00:46:25.230
priyanka prakash: Got it. I'm sure. So, as we know, you know, during Kobe Kobe. It is an unprecedented situation for all of us. And we wanted to find a way in which we can go beyond our own platform.

00:46:26.190 --> 00:46:37.470
priyanka prakash: You know partner and you know leverage the reach that celebrities have to bring attention to the issues with respect to corporate and raise more funds.

00:46:38.250 --> 00:46:50.190
priyanka prakash: With that objective. We went out to the market and we found a partner who was willing to bring in all the celebrities. So we work with the partner to partner together to, you know, bringing a lot of celebrities.

00:46:51.210 --> 00:46:54.840
priyanka prakash: To come and make an appeal have to raise funds for covert

00:46:55.920 --> 00:47:13.890
priyanka prakash: I think the interesting aspect about it is that a, you have to find the right messaging and positioning for what is it that you're raising funds for and be very consistent with it. Right. So when we did I for India we ensured that every single celebrities is saying the same message.

00:47:14.670 --> 00:47:15.990
priyanka prakash: It is I, for India.

00:47:16.440 --> 00:47:26.640
priyanka prakash: We are raising funds for the India covert response fund and all of them made an appeals consistently for at least four to five times before the before the event.

00:47:27.480 --> 00:47:36.090
priyanka prakash: They reached out to their fan base across all of their, you know, social media handles asking all of them to please come and join

00:47:37.110 --> 00:47:47.400
priyanka prakash: The event the live event on Facebook. This was also session that we launched along with Facebook. So we are Facebook's India charitable giving partner.

00:47:48.300 --> 00:47:58.950
priyanka prakash: What that means is if you want to create a fundraiser for your NGO on Facebook, you have to be on boarded to Facebook and give India as the philanthropy partner who conducts that onboarding

00:48:00.060 --> 00:48:19.410
priyanka prakash: So this iPhone India was also a launch a sort of a launch event where the live session would have a donate button and people would watch the live concert and also donate at the same time. So that was very interesting because, you know, it brings a lot of people to bear at the same time.

00:48:20.700 --> 00:48:37.410
priyanka prakash: And the celebrities are consistently talking about the need for fundraising at this point in time. And there's a very easy way for you to donate. So we brought all of these together Facebook celebrities and given the US NGO understanding to the bear to the concert together and

00:48:39.300 --> 00:48:41.100
priyanka prakash: Fortunately, it was a huge success.

00:48:42.120 --> 00:48:45.660
priyanka prakash: And we hope to, you know, continue to replicate these models in the future.

00:48:46.470 --> 00:48:58.290
Mayura Sandeep: Great. So I think some of the things that I learned from what you said. Now, one is have consistent messaging across all that point. The second is use influencer marketing to your advantage.

00:48:59.880 --> 00:49:04.380
Mayura Sandeep: Sometimes it comes for free. Sometimes it's paid. But generally, if it's a cause I think

00:49:05.850 --> 00:49:24.090
Mayura Sandeep: It will blame to not charge you for it. And the third thing I think is ease of donation and multiple points of donation and not just by visiting the platform, but also on social media directly and with just a click of a button. So that's great. I hope that helped a lot of people

00:49:26.550 --> 00:49:31.200
Mayura Sandeep: So there was a. So before I get to the next question. I just want to tell all the attendees.

00:49:31.590 --> 00:49:41.880
Mayura Sandeep: That we will be taking your questions at the end of the webinar for the last 15 minutes. So if you have questions, kindly share them on the chat feature and I'll take them up with Priyanka, and

00:49:42.180 --> 00:49:52.860
Mayura Sandeep: Some of your questions and we are already answering and addressing them. Now, during this interaction if if they weren't answered and you have shared them during registration, please feel free to put them up on the chat again.

00:49:53.940 --> 00:50:05.310
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, so there was a question which is, which is a very interesting question, which is, what are some of the most effective causes when it comes to crowdfunding. Are there some favorite causes

00:50:05.400 --> 00:50:06.390
priyanka prakash: For people for

00:50:06.540 --> 00:50:09.450
Mayura Sandeep: And why do you think that they score better than the others.

00:50:10.560 --> 00:50:21.180
priyanka prakash: Sure. Um, if you see over the past two years, especially, you will notice that when it comes to crowdfunding healthcare fundraisers have been the most you know a successful

00:50:22.410 --> 00:50:40.170
priyanka prakash: Fundraiser campaigns across any platform that you can see. And there are multiple reasons why it work. A because it is an urgent need, right. It's absolutely required in one one week I need these funds in one week P is

00:50:41.250 --> 00:50:46.050
priyanka prakash: It focuses it most of the healthcare fundraisers are for people who are below a certain

00:50:46.830 --> 00:50:58.920
priyanka prakash: income level who don't have either insurance or we don't have any other coverage. So I think that sense of, you know, urgency, along with inability to raise the kind of funds that are required.

00:50:59.640 --> 00:51:14.010
priyanka prakash: makes for a really good story. The third part is also in the way that these campaigns are marketed themselves, right, the campaign's talk about the need for fundraising very clearly.

00:51:15.120 --> 00:51:20.940
priyanka prakash: It highlights the urgency, it highlights also exactly how the funds need to be utilized

00:51:20.970 --> 00:51:27.510
priyanka prakash: Which creates a sense of trust in the donors. So I think those are the some of the reasons why healthcare fundraisers work very well.

00:51:28.080 --> 00:51:37.920
priyanka prakash: And I think also public sentiment is that we all understand that, you know, healthcare, a big health care issue in the family can quickly bring down the income level of the family.

00:51:38.640 --> 00:51:47.490
priyanka prakash: I think most, most of us understand that very basic fundamental truth. So I would put healthcare fundraisers as one of the fundraisers that helps that

00:51:47.550 --> 00:51:48.960
Mayura Sandeep: does raise a lot of funds.

00:51:49.500 --> 00:51:50.430
priyanka prakash: The second piece.

00:51:50.790 --> 00:52:00.300
priyanka prakash: I would say. From a broad perspective is children as children and educational mix of these also tend to, you know, raise a lot of funds.

00:52:00.960 --> 00:52:10.830
priyanka prakash: Because, you know, as we all believe that children is the future of the country and. Wherever, wherever there's an education or shelter need right there are a lot of orphan.

00:52:10.830 --> 00:52:23.880
priyanka prakash: Children who need educational needs. This is also an emotionally storing topic. So typically, this also converts really well for many for many crowdfunding platforms including given there.

00:52:25.170 --> 00:52:32.970
priyanka prakash: Again, here are the need is slightly more emotional and the most successful campaigns are the ones which clearly talk about

00:52:34.860 --> 00:52:40.020
priyanka prakash: How the funds are being utilized, there's a clear outline about that. And there are also

00:52:40.050 --> 00:52:41.370
priyanka prakash: Updates given on all of

00:52:41.370 --> 00:52:51.210
priyanka prakash: These just going back to the healthcare fundraisers updates is another piece. Why they also are successful because in most of these fundraisers, there's a very strong sense of gratification.

00:52:51.810 --> 00:52:59.550
priyanka prakash: Once you have donated to a health care fundraiser. And that person has recovered you have, essentially, you know, helped an entire family.

00:53:00.210 --> 00:53:09.870
priyanka prakash: It's not just that particular surgery or something. Right. It's a huge support that you provide it to one family and the updates provided on these campaigns also help

00:53:10.320 --> 00:53:18.960
priyanka prakash: You know, reinforce that sense of gratification for the donors, and I think that helps develop or, you know, consistent giver after that.

00:53:20.640 --> 00:53:33.900
priyanka prakash: Same thing with children and education campaigns, as well as long as you can provide the updates. I feel these campaigns also work really well. Having said that, while these are you would see from a top of the mind. These are the campaigns that usually raise a lot of funds.

00:53:34.950 --> 00:53:40.140
priyanka prakash: Are our learning is that any campaign that you pick. There are a few key elements.

00:53:40.170 --> 00:53:51.330
priyanka prakash: In that one is what is your narrative is your narrative being is it stressing on the actual need and it is it very simple and, you know, clear for the donor to understand

00:53:51.690 --> 00:54:02.760
priyanka prakash: For example, you can say that raise funds for providing nutrition for children, or you can say donate for the ME of donate for

00:54:03.330 --> 00:54:14.550
priyanka prakash: You know midday meals for one child for one month, right, which is more appealing. The latter is more appealing, right, because it's very clear and simple and you know exactly what you do need to

00:54:14.910 --> 00:54:26.220
priyanka prakash: Hey I donated to I. Here I have provided me a means for one child for one whole month right so I feel campaigns which focus on clear messaging and unit economics.

00:54:26.700 --> 00:54:32.910
priyanka prakash: And also make sure that you know they are reaching out to their donors very in a very structured way through a very good messaging.

00:54:33.360 --> 00:54:41.010
priyanka prakash: And also provide updates on how the campaign is progressing how the funds are being utilized. If you do this. I don't

00:54:41.610 --> 00:54:51.360
priyanka prakash: I wouldn't say all of them will be successful. But we do see a lot of campaigns which are successful, which are outside of healthcare fundraisers, and children, education, but do a very good job at this

00:54:52.380 --> 00:55:03.570
Mayura Sandeep: Great. Those are very, very important points. So those of you who are not in the healthcare sector, please don't be disappointed. I think we can apply the healthcare learnings that we uncover saying to any cause

00:55:04.290 --> 00:55:14.430
Mayura Sandeep: Which like she said is that sense of urgency in raising funds. The second is seeing the impact of your don't have the donors contribution clearly

00:55:15.810 --> 00:55:16.320
Mayura Sandeep: And

00:55:17.580 --> 00:55:26.820
Mayura Sandeep: And the third is updating people regularly, and I think that brings like she said, a sense of trust and also gratification. So I also advise

00:55:27.120 --> 00:55:43.770
Mayura Sandeep: NGOs that work with me on crowdfunding to share legal updates about how of their fundraising campaigns on their social media handles thank people for making contributions. So this really helps keep the momentum going, and encourages other people to contribute as well.

00:55:44.880 --> 00:55:59.280
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, that's great. So like you said that because healthcare is so successful. A lot of platforms are which started off as a crowdfunding platform for causes and now during clearly towards health fund raises. In fact, they even announce it saying

00:55:59.850 --> 00:56:18.270
Mayura Sandeep: raise funds for healthcare they don't want to raise funds for NGOs anymore. But this discourages NGOs, you know, and they feel they are taking a backseat. So how has given them. Are you making a conscious effort not to do that, and how are you trying to change this.

00:56:20.430 --> 00:56:27.000
priyanka prakash: Absolutely. So just for setting some context give India is actually a for an NGO first platform.

00:56:27.300 --> 00:56:35.790
priyanka prakash: Because we started off as a platform that would support NGOs to raise funds across different channels, whether it is fundraising or through our subscription platform.

00:56:36.090 --> 00:56:45.750
priyanka prakash: Or through our partnerships with corporates, and several other consumer platforms. So our focus has always been NGO, we are also focusing on individual fundraisers now.

00:56:46.260 --> 00:56:56.700
priyanka prakash: But having said that our crowdfunding platform has been utilized by over 800 to 900 NGOs until last year and this year thousand 400 plus NGO platforms.

00:56:57.450 --> 00:57:06.900
priyanka prakash: We make sure that we are providing very NGO friendly tools and features so that they are able to leverage the platform to their benefit. Given you also run several

00:57:08.310 --> 00:57:17.100
priyanka prakash: Matching campaigns and also promoted campaigns which are specific on how NGOs can, you know, for NGOs or NGO programs.

00:57:18.390 --> 00:57:29.970
priyanka prakash: In addition to that, we also work on a very NGO friendly pricing so that you know the trade off between, you know, putting in all the effort to create your own fundraising website or strategy.

00:57:30.450 --> 00:57:38.250
priyanka prakash: And working on our platform is very low, so that you know you find it very easy to set up a fundraiser on our platform pricing is viable.

00:57:38.730 --> 00:57:48.780
priyanka prakash: And you're getting all the tools and also you know support from us so that you can raise funds given you also focuses on providing NGOs with a lot of capability and a

00:57:49.680 --> 00:57:55.650
priyanka prakash: You know skillset enhancements we conduct several webinars, where we talk about, for example.

00:57:56.100 --> 00:58:11.640
priyanka prakash: How do you use social media, how do you, how do you do email marketing. How do you manage your donor database. How do you do paid ads to raise funds. So we do several of these webinars so that you can become a crowd. You can become an expert as an NGO to raise funds on a crowdfunding platform.

00:58:12.900 --> 00:58:19.320
Mayura Sandeep: That's wonderful. So how do you sign up for these webinars. Do you have a link that you could put up on the chat. Maybe and

00:58:19.770 --> 00:58:35.880
priyanka prakash: So typically, these, these webinars are only for NGOs who are already registered with us. So yeah, so if there are any NGOs who have not registered with us. My era. What I can do is I can share or, you know, registration link and

00:58:36.630 --> 00:58:41.970
priyanka prakash: Know you can probably share it with everybody who have joined the webinar today.

00:58:43.440 --> 00:58:44.070
Mayura Sandeep: Will do that.

00:58:45.480 --> 00:59:01.410
Mayura Sandeep: So as a platform, apart from providing these you know webinars and learnings on how to make campaigns more effective or is one identity marketing support services you provide for crowdfunding campaigns to help us Lord and stuff.

00:59:01.740 --> 00:59:08.910
priyanka prakash: Yeah, absolutely. Um, so if I just shared a link of one of the campaigns, we are running currently

00:59:11.190 --> 00:59:19.650
priyanka prakash: So what we do is we work with NGOs to identify the most retail friendly campaign that

00:59:20.190 --> 00:59:27.810
priyanka prakash: You know, or the messaging, not even the campaign or the most retain friendly messaging that will help to raise more funds that is one one aspect.

00:59:28.320 --> 00:59:38.220
priyanka prakash: from a marketing perspective, because we have gained a lot of a lot of good expertise with respect to Facebook ads display ads or any other ads. We take up

00:59:38.700 --> 00:59:51.900
priyanka prakash: Promotion of these campaigns, where we promote them on Facebook or any other platforms to raise funds for these specific NGO programs I have shared or program with you my era, maybe you can share it with the rest of the

00:59:51.900 --> 00:59:54.030
Mayura Sandeep: Everybody will be able to see it.

00:59:55.020 --> 01:00:02.400
priyanka prakash: Yeah, I have just shared it with everybody. So this is the current campaign that we are running with one of our engineers called snake earlier which I mentioned earlier.

01:00:03.390 --> 01:00:16.350
priyanka prakash: Here we are promoting the campaign for the NGO, and we are raising the funds we take care of the messaging. We also provide support to the NGO to create a video for example because video is one of the most

01:00:17.760 --> 01:00:28.560
priyanka prakash: Engaging and high conversion creative creative asset and we promote them on any platform that we feel gets the best conversion rate and cost to fundraising.

01:00:29.850 --> 01:00:40.800
priyanka prakash: So we take care of that. However, there's a higher you know platform fees because we are spending, you know, we are doing the marketing for that particular campaign. Right.

01:00:41.040 --> 01:00:45.510
Mayura Sandeep: So you take care of the Baptist pain and

01:00:46.530 --> 01:00:49.170
Mayura Sandeep: Charge that as a percentage to the nonprofit.

01:00:49.980 --> 01:00:50.880
priyanka prakash: Correct, yes.

01:00:51.600 --> 01:00:52.530
priyanka prakash: She shared off.

01:00:53.220 --> 01:00:54.660
priyanka prakash: You know, cost of fundraising.

01:00:54.960 --> 01:00:57.810
Mayura Sandeep: There is a share of the costs. So you also take a part of the cost

01:00:58.110 --> 01:00:59.490
priyanka prakash: Some part of it. Yes.

01:00:59.610 --> 01:01:08.640
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, so what would be the typical difference in the platform fee from a regular fundraiser to the one that you give marketing support for see

01:01:09.120 --> 01:01:20.100
priyanka prakash: From a platform perspective we we charge the lowest platform fee across the market which our basic platform fee is 4% which is the lowest then there's a 3%

01:01:20.520 --> 01:01:33.630
priyanka prakash: payment processing fee which is not what given their charges, obviously, on top of that, depending on the how the campaign performs the charge can go up to 15% if it's a promoted campaign by given. Yep.

01:01:34.950 --> 01:01:35.370
priyanka prakash: Okay.

01:01:35.970 --> 01:01:37.500
priyanka prakash: So it's a four plus three.

01:01:37.590 --> 01:01:42.630
priyanka prakash: Or so you know 12 plus three, depending on whether we marketing or not.

01:01:43.230 --> 01:01:51.630
Mayura Sandeep: Got it, got it. So, but this support is not open to all crowdfunding campaigns. Right. It's only open for the ones that take up

01:01:52.530 --> 01:02:00.510
Mayura Sandeep: On your head. Yes. So would they support also be extended in future to regular crowdfunding campaigns as well at an additional cost.

01:02:01.830 --> 01:02:15.180
priyanka prakash: Yes. So wherever we see there's a strong potential for campaigns to scale. We will identify them. We have a system that identified this campaign is performing really well maybe we can scale and then we will provide that support if the NGO is also keen to do that.

01:02:15.660 --> 01:02:22.470
Mayura Sandeep: Got it. So you just spoke about how you help push campaigns forward and, you know, maximize their

01:02:23.640 --> 01:02:36.390
Mayura Sandeep: Fund fundraising. So through whatever you do your experience, do you have some specific tips that you can share on how to maximize reach and promote a crowdfunding campaign.

01:02:37.800 --> 01:02:38.940
priyanka prakash: Sorry, can you come again.

01:02:39.780 --> 01:02:49.320
Mayura Sandeep: So do you have any tips for NGOs that are attending this on how to spread the word and promote their campaign successfully from your own learning

01:02:50.400 --> 01:03:01.530
priyanka prakash: Yeah, so I think one of the biggest pieces or saving your own campaign. When you have started a campaign. It's very important to show donors that is a successful campaign.

01:03:02.010 --> 01:03:08.370
priyanka prakash: And the best way for you to do that is to go to your warm audience, which is your existing you know previous set of donors.

01:03:08.730 --> 01:03:16.590
priyanka prakash: Reach out to previous set of donors and try to raise some funds and after that. There's a lot of different channels. One is your social media handles.

01:03:17.520 --> 01:03:29.760
priyanka prakash: Try out paid ads on Facebook, create lookalike audiences using the existing donors that you have, because that usually provides a higher you know conversion rate and lower you know

01:03:31.830 --> 01:03:39.870
priyanka prakash: Low cost of fundraising also reach out to the donors who have donated to that specific campaign and ask them to share it with their friends and family.

01:03:40.800 --> 01:03:46.470
priyanka prakash: And I'm sure you all have a database of existing donors share it with them and ask them to share it with friends and family.

01:03:47.160 --> 01:03:55.920
priyanka prakash: I would suggest start off with this and build your donor database building a donor database, I think is the most important thing that all of you all NGOs should work on

01:03:56.460 --> 01:04:04.590
priyanka prakash: Building a donor database having their email id having their, you know, phone numbers. It's the most important thing because if you go

01:04:05.160 --> 01:04:19.860
priyanka prakash: This has been one of the highest conversion rate segments that any NGO will have an even give India has. So focus on building that donor database, day in and day out so that all four as you as you start running campaigns, you can keep going back to them as well.

01:04:20.820 --> 01:04:33.960
Mayura Sandeep: Got it. Is there any minimum spend that you would advise NGOs to have on social media or it's up to them. Is there a minimum spend where you see, okay, this is the minimum, you need to spend to see any decent conversions.

01:04:35.070 --> 01:04:40.950
priyanka prakash: I wouldn't suggest any minimal, to be honest, it depends on your fundraising target. Also, what I would

01:04:41.400 --> 01:04:50.310
priyanka prakash: Also ask NGOs to focus on is building really meaningful content on their social media handles showing the impact of your work right on the ground.

01:04:50.760 --> 01:04:56.640
priyanka prakash: For example, if you're an NGO that focuses on that, you know, that is an orphanage, or it's an elderly home.

01:04:57.060 --> 01:05:02.520
priyanka prakash: Actually show how you're taking care of your people on your social media platforms so that people know your German

01:05:02.970 --> 01:05:11.670
priyanka prakash: People know that your work is, you know, very impactful. So focus on building really good content so that you are attracting the right kind of users on your social media content.

01:05:12.000 --> 01:05:16.200
priyanka prakash: So that when you run campaigns or make social media posts. They have higher engagement.

01:05:16.470 --> 01:05:24.870
priyanka prakash: So that's very critical for you to keep building, day in and day out, rather than focusing on AdSense ad spends I think it's dependent really on how much you're looking to raise

01:05:25.170 --> 01:05:34.140
priyanka prakash: I would encourage all of you to, you know, start, start with small experiments. Learn what kind of audiences work best for you and build on that.

01:05:34.620 --> 01:05:39.660
Mayura Sandeep: Right, that that was very useful Bianca, so just want to encapsulate what she said now.

01:05:40.500 --> 01:05:48.030
Mayura Sandeep: I think this is good. It's a very important point that a lot of nonprofits miss out on don't go to strangers. Don't go to new donors.

01:05:48.780 --> 01:06:00.270
Mayura Sandeep: You know immediately after setting up your campaign reach out to your first circle of supporters. First, it's really important that some funds that coming in. Before you go to new donors.

01:06:00.960 --> 01:06:17.430
Mayura Sandeep: If somebody sees you or somebody new sees your donation page with zero funds raised, they're less likely to donate then if it has already started raising some funds and they already see that there are some at 100 people who are supporting you, it kind of builds a sense of trust in them.

01:06:18.480 --> 01:06:27.180
Mayura Sandeep: Subconsciously so it's important that you first reach out to your most passionate supporters your regular donors.

01:06:27.930 --> 01:06:43.770
Mayura Sandeep: Even your volunteers to spread the word. And once you start seeing some traction then reach out to new donors dense that doing your social media campaigns, that's a very important point. I'm sure that this conversation has been very, very useful to you.

01:06:43.770 --> 01:06:44.160
priyanka prakash: All

01:06:44.490 --> 01:06:46.860
Mayura Sandeep: I see a lot of questions on chat or daddy.

01:06:46.920 --> 01:06:47.550
priyanka prakash: So I think

01:06:47.760 --> 01:06:48.450
Mayura Sandeep: We'll take up

01:06:48.570 --> 01:06:52.230
Mayura Sandeep: Those questions younger so sure.

01:06:59.010 --> 01:07:11.730
Mayura Sandeep: So that she does things is how to track the donation data on a daily basis or consistently so that marketing or communication strategies can be modified on a real time basis.

01:07:13.320 --> 01:07:27.360
Mayura Sandeep: So that should that should I think you have real time updates as one of the best things about crowdfunding is it's real time. Right, so you have your time updates on how much funds have been raised, and if it's through social media.

01:07:29.220 --> 01:07:35.070
Mayura Sandeep: When there is a little bit of a challenge there right the anchor. Would you like to address that. So if I'm doing social media campaigns.

01:07:35.370 --> 01:07:49.110
Mayura Sandeep: I can't typically set up tracking codes on a third party platform like on a crowdfunding page because it's not my own website. So how do you track where the donations came from. I think that's a very useful question.

01:07:50.580 --> 01:07:58.920
priyanka prakash: I'm sure so as or nonprofit when you set up a cafe. Let's see, on given your fundraisers. We give you access to your donors.

01:07:59.400 --> 01:08:07.440
priyanka prakash: NGOs who bring in their own donors to their own marketing. We give you access to their donors. Firstly, I just want to clear that so that you have access to those donors.

01:08:08.070 --> 01:08:13.500
priyanka prakash: Now I will. I'm sure my euro, you will probably be training them on using YouTube parameters.

01:08:13.950 --> 01:08:23.520
priyanka prakash: Right. So when our campaign is run and maybe let's say that you are an NGO who is promote who is promoting the campaign two to three different segments.

01:08:24.360 --> 01:08:32.010
priyanka prakash: You can add YouTube parameters to that and you can let give India for example, you can't track it because you don't have the platform access

01:08:32.340 --> 01:08:40.230
priyanka prakash: But if you let us know that we've added these parameters we can probably let you know how each one of those segments are performed in raising funds for you.

01:08:40.860 --> 01:08:45.120
Mayura Sandeep: Oh, that's fantastic. I wasn't aware myself that I could share that with giving them data.

01:08:46.350 --> 01:08:57.780
Mayura Sandeep: So that's useful. Okay. So if an angel doesn't to deeper asked this question. If an angel does not have a car. Is it possible to raise funds through crowdfunding platforms they give India.

01:08:57.870 --> 01:09:09.000
priyanka prakash: Very good. Yes, yes, absolutely on giving you a crowdfunding platform you can respond, we can disable donations from, you know, non Indian donors.

01:09:10.530 --> 01:09:15.420
Mayura Sandeep: Great. So even if you don't have a car, you could still taste funds will give you

01:09:16.830 --> 01:09:27.990
Mayura Sandeep: That very useful. I think so. Goku has a question. How does an organization rally individuals to fundraise people more likely to donate to people, then the organization.

01:09:28.380 --> 01:09:33.030
Mayura Sandeep: That's a great question. Go. Cool. I think I'll address that. Yes, that's correct. That

01:09:33.960 --> 01:09:51.630
Mayura Sandeep: That's what we call peer to peer fundraisers, and more likely to donate. If a friend made an appeal to me to donate to an NGO he trusted then if the NGO came to me directly, because I don't know the into and I know the friend. So how that's the first. That's the answer to your first question,

01:09:52.800 --> 01:09:59.160
Mayura Sandeep: Also, how do you rally individuals. Well, I think you should start with individuals who are already associated with your nonprofit.

01:09:59.640 --> 01:10:07.500
Mayura Sandeep: So these individuals should could be your own employees. They could be a board members, they could be your volunteers.

01:10:07.830 --> 01:10:19.680
Mayura Sandeep: They could be friends of board members who know about the nonprofit. So you start with people who are already associated with you who know you and who trust you because those are the people who will put any effort and

01:10:20.340 --> 01:10:25.320
Mayura Sandeep: You know, make an appeal on your behalf confidently because they are aware of the work that you're doing.

01:10:26.370 --> 01:10:27.300
Mayura Sandeep: I hope that helps.

01:10:30.870 --> 01:10:42.750
Mayura Sandeep: She can see what if you your take on how, what is your take on how an NGO should change their crowdfunding strategy, considering the mid 19 pandemic.

01:10:44.700 --> 01:10:56.940
Mayura Sandeep: Do you believe that donors will face an exhaustion of donating towards Kovac 90 and that's not donate to other important causes such as education or underprivileged children.

01:11:00.510 --> 01:11:01.260
Mayura Sandeep: BIANCA yes

01:11:02.760 --> 01:11:03.690
priyanka prakash: Yes, yes, sorry.

01:11:06.150 --> 01:11:06.570
Mayura Sandeep: Or

01:11:07.200 --> 01:11:12.360
priyanka prakash: No, I can share my thoughts. You can add to it as well. Yes, there will be a

01:11:13.980 --> 01:11:18.630
priyanka prakash: Yes, we will see a donor fatigue over the next few months, because I think

01:11:19.320 --> 01:11:29.820
priyanka prakash: When it comes to donations, the country has seen an unprecedented amount of funds being donated over the past three months. I think it's very important to make sure that you are, you know,

01:11:30.660 --> 01:11:44.400
priyanka prakash: I hope you're keeping in touch with your previous donors your donor database letting them know of the need of funds that you need. And I think that's very important, right, being very clear on why is it that you need funds.

01:11:45.450 --> 01:11:52.920
priyanka prakash: Making sure that you're in touch with your donors engaging them through content emails or social media posts on any other ways that is required.

01:11:53.400 --> 01:12:07.920
priyanka prakash: And going back to them with clear you know requirements, I think is very important. You should expect a lower conversion rate, no doubt. But having said that there's no reason why you should not continue to build on your efforts as you always do.

01:12:08.910 --> 01:12:09.750
Mayura Sandeep: Correct. Got it.

01:12:10.140 --> 01:12:11.460
Mayura Sandeep: And I'd also say that is

01:12:11.760 --> 01:12:19.380
Mayura Sandeep: In the beginning, she can should NGOs change their crowdfunding strategy, considering the pandemic, I think. Yes, because

01:12:20.430 --> 01:12:28.770
Mayura Sandeep: All NGOs are facing somebody or the crisis because of the pandemic. Right. You may not be doing relief work directly, but you are supporting your

01:12:28.800 --> 01:12:29.670
Mayura Sandeep: Beneficiaries or

01:12:30.330 --> 01:12:43.110
Mayura Sandeep: In some way so if it, if it does add value. And if it's going to raise your fundraising results. Why not, you know, connect your cause to the public 19 crisis and make this a code 19 fundraiser.

01:12:44.970 --> 01:12:51.540
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, there's a question from Robbie, which says, What are the opportunities for unrestricted fundraising on this platform.

01:12:53.160 --> 01:12:59.550
priyanka prakash: See when it comes to as a crowdfunding platform, we do not really specify that it has to be for

01:13:00.120 --> 01:13:07.020
priyanka prakash: You know, specific programs that you have to raise funds on you can respond restricted funds. Also, and I think as as NGOs.

01:13:07.320 --> 01:13:19.230
priyanka prakash: We do not talk enough about the unrestricted funds that we all need so that we can scale fundraising so that we can scale our capabilities. So we never, you know, put a restriction on that so

01:13:19.980 --> 01:13:25.860
priyanka prakash: Yes, you can. Come, come join you can join our crowdfunding platform and raise funds for unrestricted funds as well.

01:13:26.610 --> 01:13:38.340
priyanka prakash: The only suggestion is that, be very clear on what is the why you need those funds, how will it help you. I will help scale the NGO to so being very clear, clear helps inspired owner trust.

01:13:39.120 --> 01:13:53.220
priyanka prakash: The challenge that I have seen is when NGOs come and say that, you know, I want to raise unrestricted funds dinner did not talk their content does not clarify what is that unrestricted funds for. Why is that required for you as an NGO

01:13:54.120 --> 01:14:01.500
priyanka prakash: Otherwise donors tend to not trust it. So, be very clear on it and you know you can definitely leverage the platform to response, but that

01:14:02.340 --> 01:14:12.360
Mayura Sandeep: That's great. I think this is one of the clear advantages of crowdfunding over corporate fundraisers raising funds to cut it short, or it tonight.

01:14:13.950 --> 01:14:16.740
Mayura Sandeep: So there's a question from an slim she say

01:14:17.940 --> 01:14:27.090
Mayura Sandeep: Most NGOs are in a hybrid model with a combination of nonprofit and for profit, so does the crowdfunding platform support for profit social enterprises as well.

01:14:29.100 --> 01:14:39.990
priyanka prakash: So most fundraisers do allow you to raise funds for for profit models as well. But I'd given the majority majority of our focuses for not for profit. Having said that, if the

01:14:40.680 --> 01:14:49.830
priyanka prakash: If the social enterprise or for profit entity is raising funds for the poor across any of the sustainable development goals. Then we allow it.

01:14:50.280 --> 01:14:56.190
Mayura Sandeep: Then you will have it in hybrid. I think there is a nonprofit element. Anyway, so they could raise to that. Yes.

01:15:01.410 --> 01:15:09.270
Mayura Sandeep: Please share the latest of crowdfunding website link from the beginning and do that cider. I'll send it maybe in the mail later on.

01:15:10.560 --> 01:15:20.790
Mayura Sandeep: Are there any examples of NGOs that have totally been running their programs only through crowdfunding. I'm not sure we have any way we would like to commend

01:15:21.240 --> 01:15:30.570
priyanka prakash: Um, I don't know. Only crowdfunding. But I know NGOs who are extremely successful on crowdfunding. For example, if you look at a team Everest. The campaign that my

01:15:31.500 --> 01:15:43.050
priyanka prakash: You know, highlighted at the beginning of this call. They are an extremely strong crowdfunding fundraising NGO, and they do that by by building a very strong

01:15:43.680 --> 01:15:55.620
priyanka prakash: network of volunteers who believe in their cause and most of their volunteers end up raising funds for them. So it's a it's a great example of an NGO being very successful on a crowdfunding platform.

01:15:56.340 --> 01:16:00.210
Mayura Sandeep: Right and their secret sauce is all to peer to peer fundraisers.

01:16:00.270 --> 01:16:01.080
priyanka prakash: Yeah, that's

01:16:01.710 --> 01:16:04.470
Mayura Sandeep: Been happening on it so you guys can get that

01:16:06.840 --> 01:16:10.350
Mayura Sandeep: Any crowdfunding done by collaborating two or more NGOs together.

01:16:11.460 --> 01:16:16.050
priyanka prakash: Yes, absolutely. Like I said, we run a lot of missions, where, for example.

01:16:18.180 --> 01:16:26.670
priyanka prakash: Let's take meals as a campaign of mission right we want to raise funds for providing meals for people who don't have any income during the covert period.

01:16:27.120 --> 01:16:35.280
priyanka prakash: Now there are 10s of trusted NGOs who are doing that work and we bring all those NGOs, together we create a large mission and we raise funds for that.

01:16:35.910 --> 01:16:45.930
priyanka prakash: If you go to India fights Corona dot o RG, which is a given the mission page you will sites, you will see several missions, each one of those missions we raise funds for multiple NGOs.

01:16:46.530 --> 01:16:49.170
Mayura Sandeep: Got it's it's a cost based rather than organization.

01:16:49.980 --> 01:16:50.160

01:16:51.330 --> 01:17:00.570
Mayura Sandeep: Because she says, how does the matching campaign work and who can who are generally the kind of funders who do the matching contributions to help

01:17:01.440 --> 01:17:11.340
priyanka prakash: Matching matching is provided, usually by foundations of philanthropists, or even corporate CSR funds specifically and their purpose is to use

01:17:11.370 --> 01:17:15.810
priyanka prakash: Leverage matching our to increase the retail fundraising.

01:17:16.350 --> 01:17:22.590
priyanka prakash: And give India. Usually when we run a given their fundraiser challenger charity house we bring in matching amount so that

01:17:23.160 --> 01:17:34.140
priyanka prakash: NGOs can tell their donors that hey, if you donate on this crowdfunding campaign of mine. Today I have a possibility to get 25% matching more matching

01:17:34.650 --> 01:17:49.230
priyanka prakash: So that helps increase your conversion with your donors. That is the reason why we do that we have, you know, a long standing relationship with foundations corporates, and several other philanthropists, who provide the matching

01:17:51.000 --> 01:17:52.230
priyanka prakash: Opportunities.

01:17:52.530 --> 01:17:59.040
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, so this effort is by the platform by give India and not by the NGO to find the funder. Yes, yes.

01:17:59.220 --> 01:18:09.900
priyanka prakash: Even NGOs can do it. So this is a very simple example. For example, let's say that there is a certain philanthropists, who comes in and says, hey, I want to give you 10 lakhs today.

01:18:10.320 --> 01:18:19.590
priyanka prakash: For the work that you're doing. You can use that opportunity to create structure it that 10 lakhs as matching but raise more retail funding on that.

01:18:20.310 --> 01:18:29.790
priyanka prakash: You can go to your other donors and say, for every hundred rupees that you donate. There is this person, this philanthropists, who is giving hundred percent matching to you.

01:18:30.300 --> 01:18:35.970
priyanka prakash: That 10 lakhs is any way coming to you, you might as well use that as matching to raise more funds. So even NGOs can do that.

01:18:37.980 --> 01:18:38.880
Mayura Sandeep: That's a great idea.

01:18:39.930 --> 01:18:43.410
Mayura Sandeep: How to register on given day. I think I shared a link, you can

01:18:43.800 --> 01:18:47.700
priyanka prakash: No, I haven't shared a link yet my you find out about that link and share it with you.

01:18:48.330 --> 01:18:50.040
Mayura Sandeep: Link your fundraisers are given you

01:18:50.790 --> 01:18:52.140
priyanka prakash: Know that's a campaign example.

01:18:52.710 --> 01:19:01.950
Mayura Sandeep: Sure, sure. You can just Google. I mean, go to fundraisers got given day dot one body, and I think you can find that it's still in the right the anchor.

01:19:02.850 --> 01:19:05.850
priyanka prakash: Should be. I look at and then we share it with you also

01:19:06.060 --> 01:19:07.560
Mayura Sandeep: Share it on me. Sure.

01:19:08.700 --> 01:19:22.740
Mayura Sandeep: Do we get the recording. Yes, I can share the YouTube recording link with you. How much maximum supporters has any campaign seen till now, for example, the abandoned infant campaign has 1500 supporters

01:19:24.240 --> 01:19:30.240
priyanka prakash: We have several campaigns, whether you know don't also in several thousands as well.

01:19:31.080 --> 01:19:41.430
priyanka prakash: I think for us. The biggest has been covert campaigns that we've ran where we've got about two and a half black fund our donors come in and support us on our fundraiser platform.

01:19:42.150 --> 01:19:57.180
priyanka prakash: But it an NGO level several NGOs like boomy team Everest help page cry, etc, they all see several thousands of donors come in and support as well. It really depends on how much you're promoting it. And what is your existing donor base also

01:20:04.050 --> 01:20:06.330
Mayura Sandeep: Do I have to submit a report to give India.

01:20:06.870 --> 01:20:07.620

01:20:09.210 --> 01:20:10.140
Mayura Sandeep: Money is utilized

01:20:10.770 --> 01:20:20.370
priyanka prakash: So on our fundraisers platform. We do not, it's not mandatory. However, we do insist that you provide updates to your donors.

01:20:20.730 --> 01:20:35.970
priyanka prakash: Because that inspires trust. However, if you have to register on a subscription giving platform or if we pick or if we partner with you to do any partnership campaigns or missions, then yes, you will have to provide us reporting on how you're utilizing the funds.

01:20:38.430 --> 01:20:45.180
Mayura Sandeep: He did we have registered in give India, how long will it take to receive the funds.

01:20:46.770 --> 01:20:49.650
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, I think they mean once the campaign is set up when they start

01:20:50.670 --> 01:20:51.630
Mayura Sandeep: receiving funds.

01:20:52.200 --> 01:20:53.010
priyanka prakash: Are not only have

01:20:53.280 --> 01:21:00.870
priyanka prakash: We have a monkey disbursement cycle, but we can also, you know, for urgent needs. We can work on ad hoc disbursement cycles as well.

01:21:02.820 --> 01:21:05.580
Mayura Sandeep: So is that something that will get in touch with you and discuss

01:21:05.610 --> 01:21:06.690
priyanka prakash: Yes, yeah.

01:21:08.970 --> 01:21:18.870
Mayura Sandeep: What is UT. And so you TM is a tracking code that helps you track where the funds are coming from like the ankle was saying there are multiple

01:21:19.590 --> 01:21:30.480
Mayura Sandeep: Places where you set up your campaigns that could be an email campaign. It could be a social media campaign. So you need to know where the source of your clicks the donors that are coming in to donate

01:21:34.050 --> 01:21:38.160
Mayura Sandeep: We can try companies and colleges

01:21:39.210 --> 01:21:47.880
Mayura Sandeep: So you mean whether companies and whether colleges can set up campaigns. I think that's what they mean. I think if it's no

01:21:47.910 --> 01:22:06.660
priyanka prakash: Secret colleges. I think God of colleges help you find that large volunteer base, which should help you create more successful fundraiser platform. So do engage with colleges with companies, you'll have to go for corporate CSR fund fundraising with them. Right. Okay.

01:22:07.050 --> 01:22:13.050
Mayura Sandeep: How do you retain donuts. Today, the next webinar is going to be about donor management to do it in debt.

01:22:14.070 --> 01:22:23.070
Mayura Sandeep: While healthcare children and education are the most successful in your experience, are there any causes where crowdfunding has just not worked. It's a good question.

01:22:24.060 --> 01:22:29.520
priyanka prakash: Um, I wouldn't say I haven't. I have an example of that, because we have seen

01:22:30.690 --> 01:22:39.750
priyanka prakash: successful campaigns from a wide range of, you know, diverse causes. It all depends on how the nonprofit or the person who's running the campaign.

01:22:40.350 --> 01:22:49.200
priyanka prakash: Creates the content engages with their donors and you know how they promoted. So no, I don't think there's a nice specific cause that wouldn't work per se.

01:22:51.120 --> 01:23:03.090
Mayura Sandeep: Great. I think that's the end of our q&a session. I'm sure it was very useful for the few. Thank you. Bianca, that was extremely very nice of you to be here and spend your time with all of us today.

01:23:03.180 --> 01:23:05.790
priyanka prakash: Thanks so much. Thank you for having me on, on here.

01:23:05.910 --> 01:23:16.530
priyanka prakash: I hope you find it useful, if any of you are interested to learn more about given their fields. My Ride share the link with you, please share it with everybody. We'd be happy to support

01:23:17.130 --> 01:23:21.750
Mayura Sandeep: You Ali and do that. I just need one more minute of your all your time.

01:23:28.860 --> 01:23:31.620
Mayura Sandeep: Okay, so I just have a small update

01:23:34.110 --> 01:23:34.710
Mayura Sandeep: So, these

01:23:36.750 --> 01:23:45.780
Mayura Sandeep: Events that were webinars that we are running are all voluntary events. So we don't charge any fee for running them or for you to attend them.

01:23:46.350 --> 01:23:54.030
Mayura Sandeep: They run to volunteer support. So if you would like to volunteer your when you are. You want to be a promoter for these webinars or you want to

01:23:54.510 --> 01:24:02.310
Mayura Sandeep: Take the video or you want to be part of the organizing crew so very soon. These are going to be live events we're doing webinars. Now, because of the situation, but

01:24:02.610 --> 01:24:11.640
Mayura Sandeep: Soon these will be conducted in Bangalore at a specific when you and you will all be invited. So you could always write to me on that email address and I could make you part of the team.

01:24:13.470 --> 01:24:22.320
Mayura Sandeep: So our next two events are announced already on the same Meetup group where you registered for this one. Our next event is about online donor management tools.

01:24:22.680 --> 01:24:34.680
Mayura Sandeep: And then we have one coming up in September on social media, best practices for NGOs, so do register for these events as well. I will put up information about them as in when we have them have more information.

01:24:36.750 --> 01:24:45.090
Mayura Sandeep: So thank you all and you can get in touch with me on this email id for anything, any questions that you have, or suggestions that you have

01:24:46.740 --> 01:25:01.050
Mayura Sandeep: This was our first event first webinar for that squared Bengaluru and we plan to have monthly events going forward. So your suggestions will be very helpful. Thank you all for being here today. Thanks again.