NetSquared Bengaluru: Google for Nonprofits — Everything You Should Know!

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Recorded by NetSquared Bengaluru on November 3, 2020

From Google Ad Grant to G Suite for Nonprofits, learn about all the Google products and benefits available for NGOs. Ask live questions about the program and interact with Aastha Kapoor, Digital Markting Strategist at Google India.


Follow-Up Notes from Mayura

Some of you wanted my email to learn about our Ad Grant Management services, here goes:

Aastha has very kindly shared some resources with you to explore this topic further:

Welcome to Google for Nonprofits (livestream)

Google for Nonprofits GwG webinar

How-To Guides

Top Tips

Also, here are Aastha's responses to Ekansh's questions, as promised:

1. "What is the content licensing on Youtube for Nonprofits? Is it Creative Commons?"

This copyright help resource will give all the information needed on types of licences and how it works

2. "We need to share mobile-friendly video content with our trainees and then assess their performance. Is there a possibility to do that on Google Classroom?"

Regarding Google Classroom (here is an intro video), yes you can assess performances and upload videos. 

See you at the next webinar!


Mayura Sandeep