NetSquared and Mozilla Maker Party: Copyright Reform for Europe

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DID YOU KNOW making a meme technically isn't allowed in many parts of the EU? Did you know it’s illegal to share a picture of the Eiffel Tower light display at night? Did you know in some parts of the EU, teachers aren’t legally allowed to screen films or share teaching materials in the classroom?

This Autumn, Mozilla is mobilizing communities across Europe as part of a larger campaign for copyright reform. In Europe, current copyright laws aren’t in sync with the digital age. They can restrict creativity and innovation, and affect the ways people use the Internet in their everyday lives, including remixing content, sharing photos, and making memes.

NetSquared is encouraging our local organizers to participate in the campaign. There are several ways you can get involved:

  1. Mozilla may be able to provide a guest presenter in the UK, Switzerland and Spain.
  2. Encourage your members to sign the petition.
  3. Host a Maker Party using Mozilla's tool kit.

Mozilla believes the internet’s potential for innovation and collaboration is sacred. That’s why they're working to reform copyright laws that foster growth and creativity, and don’t break the Internet.

In addition to a public education campaign, Mozilla runs Maker Party, which features community-driven, highly-participatory events. This year, Maker Party aims to change the conversation on and shape the direction of copyright reform by encouraging making as a political act, and educating and inspiring more people to take action and help reform outdated laws.

Maker Party is a place for artists to connect with educators; for activists to trade ideas with coders; and for entrepreneurs to chat with makers. It’s a place to network, innovate and make a difference.The internet’s potential for innovation and collaboration is exceptional. But restrictive copyright laws can undermine these traits. By educating and inspiring more people to take action together, we can make a real difference.

Mozilla would love to work with NetSquared to share expertise, reach new audiences, and combine the forces of our communities in order to positively influence the EU's copyright reform effort. There are several ways to get involved:

  • Host a mini Maker Party at your next meet-up by facilitating a hands-on activity related to copyright. See Mozilla’s suggested activities here which include step-by-step instruction:
  • Invite a local representative from Mozilla to facilitate an activity at your next meet-up or event
  • Help spread the word to your local networks (in the next week Mozilla can share sample copy for sharing on social media, etc.)

If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact Lainie DeCoursy,, and she can help get your event added to the Maker Party event platform (Mozilla will be putting some promotion muscle behind this to help with online recruitment), or connect you with a local Mozilla representative where available.