NetSquared Adelaide: Show and Tell

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Volcanic ash clouds, uni exams and end-of-financial-year busy-ness couldn’t keep us from meeting! Even though the numbers were smaller than our past events, the conversation was rich and inspiring.

NetSquared Adelaide has been meeting now for four months, and each of the monthly meetings has had its own flavour and style. The community has been steadily growing over the months. The format of the first meet-ups were based around hearing from guest speakers, generating a bit of group discussion on the topics raised and then offer some time for networking.

This time around, the meetup was about us, as a community.

The idea behind the “Show and Tell” event was to allow everyone who attended a chance to share what they’re up to in the ‘social good’ space.

Compared to our last tech-laden meetup (we collaborated live across groups on Google Docs, had a fantastic smart board, used video and audio recording gear and had laptops/iPads galore), we went old school and simply talked around a large table at a dimly lit pub, sharing a drink and large bucket of chips together.

As we went around the table, each person had plenty of time to share and respond to questions. As people began sharing about what they’re doing and what they’re passionate about, we continually discovered areas of overlap. People would chime in with their own points and the comment “You should talk to...” was thrown around a lot.

People were getting excited about other people’s passions.

We heard about online art communities, fiery 80 year olds wanting to see social change through urban development, the values of open source and open education, using social media to spread a message, challenges of getting older communities to embrace new technology, using online tools to rally people around a cause, and more!

Most of the people stayed on longer to share a meal and continued the conversations that were happening.

It was a great night out, and even though the numbers were small, the discussions and the relationships that came from it were valuable. As we were saying our goodbyes, it really felt as if strangers had met new friends and that a real sense of community was being forged.

The next NetSquared Adelaide meetup will be about community building. Find the event on MeetUp.