NetSquared Activity Report: Record Number Events in March 2016

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We’re three quarters of the way through TechSoup’s fiscal year. Whooo!

I’ve compiled the stats for NetSquared for March and for the first three months of 2016.

You’ll see growth has been very strong, which can largely be attributed to the amazing energy of our organizer community and the investments we’ve made into the Regional Ambassadors who offer in-person training events and online support to local NetSquared organizers. The expansion of NetSquared’s reach means we’re helping more nonprofits use technology to make more good in the world!


March was significant because our network of community organizers held a record number of events. 82 events were delivered during March 2016. That’s a 20% year-over-year increase in number of events over 2015 (when we held 68 events.)

NetSquared Stats March 2016

Q3 FY16 (January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016)

If we expand our view to the last quarter we once again see that growth has been strong over the last year. We have now had three strong quarters in a row, which proves that the growth of NetSquared is permanent, rather than being a temporary aberration (unlike the number of attendees in FY15 Q3, which came from a single event at a University with several thousand attendees.)

NetSquared Stats Q3 FY16

Congratulations to the NetSquared community organizers for all their hard work! And if you want to join in on the fun apply to become a NetSquared leader .