NetSquared Accra: Managing the Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery tips for Nonprofits

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Discover how to keep your nonprofit alive and how your nonprofit can recover from the losses as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This video report comes from Desire Seyram of NetSquared Accra.

Desire demonstrated how nonprofits can take advantage of the Zoom platform and use it to collaborate with volunteers, donors and the organizations their nonprofits work with during and after the pandemic.

Desire also introduces attendees to TechSoup courses that will help build your nonprofit's skills.


00:21:14.220 --> 00:21:21.960
Desire Seyram: Alright, so we've already been closed data minutes so we'll just 10 minutes ago. And then today.

00:21:23.400 --> 00:21:26.010
Desire Seyram: We will be discussing

00:21:27.150 --> 00:21:41.310
Desire Seyram: Management it for nonprofits during the 19 part of me that's how we keep your nonprofit alive or to give you ideas for improving our life. So let's get in. First of all, I'm going to share my screen and show you a video.

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Desire Seyram: Okay.

00:21:45.300 --> 00:21:46.800
Desire Seyram: So that will be

00:21:48.780 --> 00:21:49.860
Desire Seyram: Let me share my screen now.

00:22:08.460 --> 00:22:12.360
Desire Seyram: Series is simple video yesterday, keep your grace read

00:22:13.770 --> 00:22:16.290
Desire Seyram: The pandemic some safety measures.

00:22:17.550 --> 00:22:18.330
Desire Seyram: So this that

00:22:19.530 --> 00:22:25.140
Desire Seyram: Hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity coronavirus world it is sold out in stores.

00:22:28.200 --> 00:22:29.640
Desire Seyram: Oh, sorry.

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Desire Seyram: Okay, sorry. I think I'm having an issue in my network.

00:22:45.720 --> 00:22:46.320
Desire Seyram: So let me

00:22:48.030 --> 00:22:50.910
Desire Seyram: Let me fix that. Yes, one minutes

00:23:31.560 --> 00:23:31.890

00:23:37.500 --> 00:23:41.310
Desire Seyram: Very strong network before I don't know what's happening over setting.

00:23:42.330 --> 00:23:46.020
Desire Seyram: So I'll like to take you through

00:23:47.580 --> 00:23:51.270
Desire Seyram: How to use them for your nonprofit mittens. Okay.

00:23:52.980 --> 00:23:56.070
Desire Seyram: So let's get in, say that

00:23:57.840 --> 00:23:59.100
Desire Seyram: Just to save time

00:24:09.750 --> 00:24:11.760
Desire Seyram: This really Muslim today.

00:25:21.750 --> 00:25:30.180
Desire Seyram: Good idea was that we should have a very interactive session. So we talking about the zoom platform.

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Desire Seyram: Then I'll be introducing you to the text soup courses we can take free courses. During this time, and also how your nonprofits can actually recover.

00:25:40.770 --> 00:25:49.110
Desire Seyram: After the pandemic, so I can you get back to, we're going to get back, get these in, please. After the pandemic. So, and also

00:25:49.770 --> 00:26:00.480
Desire Seyram: A lot of nonprofits are now using Facebook as a means of communication. So, most of them are using Facebook Live videos with with live video

00:26:00.960 --> 00:26:14.910
Desire Seyram: Bed that sometimes gets a bit distracting because you're faced with your friends, you receive notifications and all that. So Facebook has a platform called workplace that is more centered towards

00:26:15.960 --> 00:26:28.590
Desire Seyram: Your needs or your organization. So you have a Facebook like interface. So I would want to introduce you to how to use our platform during this period that you keep in touch with your

00:26:29.520 --> 00:26:43.320
Desire Seyram: Volunteers your donors and your sponsors. So you just, just like how you make friends on Facebook, doing a violin onto the platform. Then they use the system which you so you're going to have a hands on.

00:26:44.700 --> 00:26:48.360
Desire Seyram: Overview and how to create an account and how to use any invite people

00:26:50.190 --> 00:26:54.000
Desire Seyram: Right, let's get into that. I just hope this tomorrow maintenance be okay.

00:27:13.560 --> 00:27:14.370
Desire Seyram: Alright, so

00:27:21.000 --> 00:27:24.960
Desire Seyram: There's my screen. So, I should say. See where I'm doing from, don't get me share my screen.

00:27:41.760 --> 00:27:43.620
Desire Seyram: Alright, so I'm going to show you how to use

00:27:46.950 --> 00:28:06.120
Desire Seyram: How to use what away please and how to create an account. It's actually directly with his work on. So it's more or less center towards businesses towards organizations. So, let's go. So we can what you do on your so it's good to explain workplace workplace Facebook.

00:28:08.220 --> 00:28:20.160
Desire Seyram: So, so let's go workplace from Facebook. So only. So what he says. Connect everyone in your organization. So empower and transform your whole business.

00:28:21.240 --> 00:28:34.350
Desire Seyram: With familiar features like groups chatting video calls. So just like how are you doing on zoom right now. You can do all those things on in on workplace. So it's an app from Facebook that you can use to

00:28:35.460 --> 00:28:38.160
Desire Seyram: Engage your own

00:28:39.330 --> 00:28:48.420
Desire Seyram: Organization. Does your staff your volunteers and donors, because despite a pandemic, there should be a way for organizations to keep running.

00:28:49.710 --> 00:28:58.800
Desire Seyram: We're going to have a lot of nonprofits like active this period, actually they are making donations to

00:28:59.490 --> 00:29:13.230
Desire Seyram: Help kept it could be nice and Tony and all those things, but your organization might not necessarily be involved in this things your organization might be doing something uniquely different. So how

00:29:14.730 --> 00:29:18.240
Desire Seyram: Can you keep in touch. How can you keep your nonprofits running, you don't just

00:29:18.810 --> 00:29:34.470
Desire Seyram: You know, stay. Not even just go and stay home and do nothing. So workplace as a place where you can connect with all those people that you work with. If we had been in a regular office or if you have been running your regular NGO activities so

00:29:36.570 --> 00:29:39.960
Desire Seyram: It's free. We have paid versions, you can

00:29:41.070 --> 00:29:56.520
Desire Seyram: Subscribe and have some payment on bed for a free version can do to do because invite people in all this. Let's try the free version of an account already so we're trying to create an account with a different email, email address so so now the first thing is

00:29:59.280 --> 00:29:59.670
Desire Seyram: On

00:30:00.870 --> 00:30:13.440
Desire Seyram: What would be your business email or your workplace email. Okay. So since I want to use a business email. So you're going to have a business email address. So does your

00:30:14.640 --> 00:30:20.610
Desire Seyram: Name at your business that comes through your company domain business name so

00:30:21.660 --> 00:30:27.900
Desire Seyram: Which is my I'm going to use my company. So I already have an account so

00:30:30.780 --> 00:30:35.610
Desire Seyram: So, okay, let's, I'll take you through the platform because I already have an account.

00:30:37.020 --> 00:30:37.650
Desire Seyram: So,

00:30:46.050 --> 00:30:50.550
Desire Seyram: Let's just use it a different email address here. So let's see.

00:30:57.510 --> 00:30:59.760
Desire Seyram: I'm going to use my email address here try

00:31:05.520 --> 00:31:18.720
Desire Seyram: Okay, so it's telling me that I have more than one week two seconds. Which one do you want to use. So these accounts is connected to my company, and this is my company so

00:31:19.410 --> 00:31:27.750
Desire Seyram: Let's just use this. So if you went on coming in. We don't have to do you already have an account. So this is how the way, please.

00:31:29.010 --> 00:31:29.730
Desire Seyram: Looks and feel

00:31:31.050 --> 00:31:36.810
Desire Seyram: It's simple as this. So you can add a logo, you can

00:31:39.540 --> 00:31:44.670
Desire Seyram: Choose a local organization and all those an organization, you can

00:31:45.510 --> 00:32:01.200
Desire Seyram: Invite a few quick case, you can choose a logo for your organization. You can invite a few coworkers. So it's centered. So the work environment, just like Facebook. It has a similar setup is like physical if you'd notice. So let's see how feasible. It looks like. So let's see. Facebook.

00:32:05.280 --> 00:32:13.860
Desire Seyram: Right. So Facebook has a lot of information out there like so much information. So, and when you are having a meeting with your

00:32:14.430 --> 00:32:23.250
Desire Seyram: Staff or your volunteers and they are you using a medium like Facebook, it might get destruction. So that's why it failed will develop

00:32:23.730 --> 00:32:34.500
Desire Seyram: What place for that. So wait, please works like Facebook is geared towards your organization on it. So this is one to the you can adopt the organization and

00:32:35.310 --> 00:32:49.920
Desire Seyram: You can do a lot so so we can have video chat create groups. So you can maybe have the different departments in your organization in your nonprofit and what they do. So you connect with to connect with

00:32:51.030 --> 00:33:00.840
Desire Seyram: Those you work with and one amazing thing is that you can connect with IRA account other apps. So you can connect your Google Drive components, your Microsoft SharePoint.

00:33:01.890 --> 00:33:06.390
Desire Seyram: And so much most let's just try the barrack comes in the paid version.

00:33:07.950 --> 00:33:09.810
Desire Seyram: Okay, alright. So,

00:33:12.900 --> 00:33:20.940
Desire Seyram: Okay, so that comes in a paid version. So, but I'm using the free version for now. So your organization can adopt such a tool.

00:33:23.010 --> 00:33:25.110
Desire Seyram: To help you run your

00:33:26.820 --> 00:33:35.490
Desire Seyram: Nonprofits during this pandemic. So that is one way of managing your nonprofits. There's adopting

00:33:36.600 --> 00:33:50.760
Desire Seyram: Workspace workplace. Okay, so another amazing platform that you can use is Zoom, which is which is where we are using right now and and a lot of organizations are already using it. I will say it's the most

00:33:51.840 --> 00:34:02.160
Desire Seyram: Dominant video conferencing about a moment. Yeah. So I'm going to take you through that one as well. Then some to other tools that will go to the

00:34:03.180 --> 00:34:05.280
Desire Seyram: Recovery team. So these are

00:34:07.260 --> 00:34:11.460
Desire Seyram: management teams like managing your nonprofit. Okay, managing

00:34:12.930 --> 00:34:25.440
Desire Seyram: Your nonprofit during the pandemic again. So how do you keep your nonprofits like how do you keep things going. You just stop working, or you with through the virus or you have to wait to the end.

00:34:25.890 --> 00:34:32.370
Desire Seyram: In a virus or the pandemic know you have to keep waking, you have to keep you have to keep your nonprofit alive.

00:34:33.060 --> 00:34:43.350
Desire Seyram: So what are some of the tools because you are home again as a nonprofit leader you are home, you have to be in touch with your donors, you have to be in touch with your volunteers.

00:34:43.710 --> 00:34:49.230
Desire Seyram: So that they know you're doing something. So let me know. Please, and because you might have had a lot of things activities plan up

00:34:50.340 --> 00:34:57.360
Desire Seyram: And most of these things you can communicate even with the Society's organization will impact your non profit, in part, for instance.

00:34:58.410 --> 00:35:13.440
Desire Seyram: Even nonprofits into donate him pains to nearly children in less than 100 homes and then because of the virus outbreak, you're not able to make those donations to go out

00:35:14.190 --> 00:35:26.670
Desire Seyram: How do you keep in touch with those organization, how do you keep in touch with them one we is using what please to you communicate with those people. You keep them in sync.

00:35:27.300 --> 00:35:37.080
Desire Seyram: Okay, you keep them saying you send them blogs and all those things. This is how you keep in touch with you know you keep your nonprofit alive and

00:35:37.620 --> 00:35:49.260
Desire Seyram: Despite what is going on at the moment. So the next thing we're going to learn, learn discover right now is the zoom platform, which I know a lot of people are already adopting

00:35:51.300 --> 00:35:56.760
Desire Seyram: So I would have to reach a different screen. Okay.

00:35:57.810 --> 00:35:58.350
Desire Seyram: So,

00:36:01.350 --> 00:36:05.790
Desire Seyram: Let me get in that. So does zoom. So

00:36:07.200 --> 00:36:11.910
Desire Seyram: For those who don't know what Zoom is I will just take each one as well.

00:36:23.730 --> 00:36:24.360
Desire Seyram: Zoom.

00:36:27.960 --> 00:36:32.670
Desire Seyram: Zoom. You just go to Google and type zoom or just type

00:36:33.720 --> 00:36:34.170
Desire Seyram: Then

00:36:36.240 --> 00:36:38.730
Desire Seyram: Voila. So this is how

00:36:40.440 --> 00:36:45.990
Desire Seyram: The platform is so you have a free free account very

00:36:47.400 --> 00:36:49.530
Desire Seyram: Okay, so, so

00:36:51.840 --> 00:37:00.240
Desire Seyram: So you can host your meetings, your video webinars. They have a phone system and it has system as well so quiet platform messaging and file sharing

00:37:01.530 --> 00:37:12.990
Desire Seyram: So no matter what we normally use often is the meetings where you who's meeting. So what I'm using right now is a zoom platform. And so, if only join the meeting is going to start

00:37:13.590 --> 00:37:23.010
Desire Seyram: It will have to absolutely download the app. Okay, we actually download the zoom app which I already have on my system. So you click on join a meeting.

00:37:26.190 --> 00:37:39.390
Desire Seyram: So normally zoom meetings, how meeting IDs. So the meeting organizer, or the person hosting the meeting, which might be you, that you want to have a meeting with all your volunteers to discuss what and what needs to be done.

00:37:40.320 --> 00:37:56.340
Desire Seyram: In a subsequent week, despite the Corbett night and pandemic. So you would have to create an event. Okay, you have to create an event and then shared a link share the event link with your

00:37:57.630 --> 00:38:03.030
Desire Seyram: Or your team or any any person as opposed to be in your meetings.

00:38:04.140 --> 00:38:11.910
Desire Seyram: Okay, so when the time is usually set an event time. This is like holding a meeting in your office, you say Monday mornings, we are meeting at

00:38:12.540 --> 00:38:25.050
Desire Seyram: 8am to 9pm so you can host a meeting on zoom and then at 8pm to 9pm people join for the meeting and you have a video conference meeting or audio conference or meeting.

00:38:26.370 --> 00:38:33.270
Desire Seyram: Alright, so, so that's for zoom and the last from management.

00:38:35.070 --> 00:38:39.120
Desire Seyram: Will talk about his movie, the

00:38:40.140 --> 00:38:47.310
Desire Seyram: Soup causes okay am I want to encourage you to take some courses so right on your whom

00:38:48.750 --> 00:39:01.050
Desire Seyram: You're unable to go out to do things. So, and an option would be to adopt that takes some courses. So it takes office causes okay free courses or bites.

00:39:01.950 --> 00:39:12.960
Desire Seyram: Cause causes damage up very few modules causes the most because if we do now, you can be able to build up your skills. Build up your nonprofit skills leadership skills so

00:39:15.840 --> 00:39:24.030
Desire Seyram: I'm going to play a video for you. Very looks like my network. A bit disappointing to date so

00:39:25.620 --> 00:39:28.170
Desire Seyram: So let me show you the fix of courses.

00:39:38.400 --> 00:39:38.970
Desire Seyram: Get into

00:40:09.210 --> 00:40:11.100
Desire Seyram: Let me share another screen with you.

00:40:22.350 --> 00:40:43.530
Desire Seyram: Okay, so let's, of course, just the same way you do. You know my search in Google. So you have fixed courses. So it takes to the courses, etc. So I have it in my URL, but in case you don't have. So the URL is texts that So Cheryl in the chat.

00:40:45.000 --> 00:40:46.290
Desire Seyram: So let's go

00:40:47.670 --> 00:40:48.720
Desire Seyram: So shared in the church.

00:40:58.740 --> 00:40:59.070
Desire Seyram: Right now.

00:41:02.160 --> 00:41:02.700
Desire Seyram: So,

00:41:05.460 --> 00:41:05.760
Desire Seyram: Okay.

00:41:06.900 --> 00:41:26.850
Desire Seyram: So Tax Office causes for to help nonprofit leaders or to build skills. So we can go to the site and see what so you have a mission. Take some courses can get you there. So the so many courses am logged in. So this is my account.

00:41:27.930 --> 00:41:29.190
Desire Seyram: It's these accounts.

00:41:30.390 --> 00:41:30.840
Desire Seyram: So,

00:41:32.190 --> 00:41:41.910
Desire Seyram: So this is my personal account. I said them so you can create an account, then you can go to 600 courses. So I will take you through some of the courses.

00:41:42.780 --> 00:42:01.110
Desire Seyram: Yeah, some of the causes that are on the platform that you can take advantage of you can build your texts texts first good skills. That's how can your non profit that awesome. So it is a time for training is a time to build skills, the time to learn new things. Okay.

00:42:04.920 --> 00:42:11.700
Desire Seyram: So these are some of the courses will probably people working remotely coordinated response course truck.

00:42:12.510 --> 00:42:29.970
Desire Seyram: for nonprofits. So this Acosta. He can take, we have the disaster preparedness women a non profit organizations. Then we have non profit victim impact measures impact. So there are a host of courses we have email marketing for nonprofits.

00:42:32.760 --> 00:42:34.170
Desire Seyram: Will add grand seminar series.

00:42:35.880 --> 00:42:37.770
Desire Seyram: Social media marketing for nonprofits so

00:42:39.090 --> 00:42:43.350
Desire Seyram: Text is offering all these package to nonprofit leaders for free.

00:42:45.240 --> 00:42:50.370
Desire Seyram: For free. So basically this with low cost cost me $50

00:42:51.780 --> 00:42:54.090
Desire Seyram: Then we have so many courses that are

00:42:57.030 --> 00:43:10.200
Desire Seyram: So awkward if we focus Fiona infinite with that. So, so, and the other hosts have courses in here that are actually free that you can get for free as a host of them.

00:43:12.300 --> 00:43:14.880
Desire Seyram: Okay, so, so your nonprofits.

00:43:15.930 --> 00:43:21.660
Desire Seyram: Can actually adopt some of these so

00:43:22.860 --> 00:43:27.810
Desire Seyram: So how do you, so you are trying to manage the impact of could be 19 on your nonprofit so

00:43:28.770 --> 00:43:41.130
Desire Seyram: Because of the virus outbreak. You don't have to talk work completely you know your nonprofit doesn't have to stop preaching it still has to run things have to go on things have to happen. Things needs to keep moving.

00:43:41.820 --> 00:43:54.390
Desire Seyram: So was similar themes, you can do to manage the impact because most organization of hotel depression, unable to do anything because of the virus, but you have to keep going if manage the impact of the virus.

00:43:55.710 --> 00:43:55.890
Desire Seyram: That

00:43:57.450 --> 00:44:11.160
Desire Seyram: We are taught to stay home, stay safe. So if you're staying home. What are you doing, take advantage of these tech platforms. Take advantage of take some courses, take advantage of the zoom platform to meet up with your

00:44:12.720 --> 00:44:20.130
Desire Seyram: Volunteers take advantage of the Facebook workplace to have a constant communication with your team.

00:44:21.240 --> 00:44:21.750
Desire Seyram: So,

00:44:27.660 --> 00:44:32.790
Desire Seyram: Okay, listen, Ryan one. So I'm going to talk about this record with tips so

00:44:34.110 --> 00:44:38.010
Desire Seyram: We noticed the virus is actually

00:44:42.690 --> 00:44:48.360
Desire Seyram: Almost out of the Amazon, because the, the, our seed the

00:44:49.770 --> 00:45:04.680
Desire Seyram: Left to the crisis period. That means we are recording from this gay will lead the pig. There is a descending in amount of a number of cases. So how can your nonprofit prepare

00:45:05.610 --> 00:45:14.310
Desire Seyram: Okay, to go back to normalcy to go back to normalcy, I can you normally pay to go back to normalcy, because if you've been

00:45:15.690 --> 00:45:26.610
Desire Seyram: On breaks, probably from since January or so in some countries from December last year. So how can you get back to running

00:45:27.750 --> 00:45:28.740
Desire Seyram: Your nonprofit.

00:45:31.200 --> 00:45:36.360
Desire Seyram: So let's get into that in initial 10 minutes, then we'll be done with these

00:45:38.940 --> 00:45:40.590
Desire Seyram: So let me share a different screen with you.

00:45:44.070 --> 00:45:48.090
Desire Seyram: Soon, those are the three. So just give me a few minutes.

00:46:09.750 --> 00:46:15.000
Desire Seyram: So what are the what are the record with a non profit can adopt.

00:46:16.560 --> 00:46:18.030
Desire Seyram: What other recovery teams.

00:46:48.780 --> 00:46:56.460
Desire Seyram: Okay, so this is it. So some of the qualities. I'm going to show you is one. It's, you have to

00:46:59.010 --> 00:47:23.070
Desire Seyram: Actually prepare you actually have a great plan you have to plan what you need to do after the pandemic, what needs to be studied face what and what needs to be done to they have to be one preparedness. Okay. We have to prepare before you can actually go

00:47:25.350 --> 00:47:28.350
Desire Seyram: Get the there should be a preparedness. That should be

00:47:29.370 --> 00:47:30.900
Desire Seyram: Preparedness this should be

00:47:32.100 --> 00:47:40.680
Desire Seyram: A readiness to to return back to normalcy, and also an option. Another thing you need to do as upbeat.

00:47:41.820 --> 00:47:55.350
Desire Seyram: Upbeat and witnessing that if your organization resumes where you need to keep your punches or your sponsors are doing as the aware that your organization and actually resume.

00:47:56.310 --> 00:48:06.720
Desire Seyram: They are awake all the resume appreciate. So you send probably should email marketing. So you send a multi dose, you used to work with.

00:48:07.920 --> 00:48:11.970
Desire Seyram: Already we said that you have to keep in touch with them. So now,

00:48:13.620 --> 00:48:16.380
Desire Seyram: You're now going back to work.

00:48:17.430 --> 00:48:27.390
Desire Seyram: Okay, so, because you might have lost a lot of time Mandela lost a little things. Okay, so I did see a beat.

00:48:28.890 --> 00:48:43.980
Desire Seyram: Your staff your beat your volunteers. You are beat your systems gave join a pandemic, a lot of organizations, me and I've been one rumble. Does your data may be wondering about your

00:48:46.470 --> 00:48:59.850
Desire Seyram: Your beta and which is new for me because you might have been off for a long time. So what do you need to do to keep up to you a better systems. So because

00:49:02.640 --> 00:49:12.270
Desire Seyram: You're, you're maybe you're using a particular software for work or a bicycle application for well, which was stationary in your office and you have been to Paris for

00:49:13.290 --> 00:49:26.730
Desire Seyram: Three months. So once we turn back to the office somewhere things they need to do is update using Windows on your company laptops, you can resist them to ensure you have the recent update to windows before you commands wake

00:49:27.990 --> 00:49:32.070
Desire Seyram: Ensure the younger reasons are based off your Excel document I use for

00:49:34.170 --> 00:49:44.970
Desire Seyram: Preparing spreadsheet doc means the writing your web your letterhead to have ensure all those resources that are up to date. Those are the first things

00:49:46.200 --> 00:49:50.730
Desire Seyram: You need to do. And also, if your organization is into

00:49:52.380 --> 00:49:58.650
Desire Seyram: Keeping sample of sensitive data those details should have been backed up before

00:50:00.210 --> 00:50:03.360
Desire Seyram: The lockdown or before the

00:50:04.710 --> 00:50:12.510
Desire Seyram: Elected official stay home for a period. So now I have to record those details from whatever service whatever system. Do they have installed on

00:50:13.920 --> 00:50:32.610
Desire Seyram: So that is the second recovery to have these. So the first one we said you have to prepare you have to prepare a plan. The. This is and this and this. We're going to do for the next three months, you had a yearly plan. But you notice that you've lost some few months of active

00:50:34.650 --> 00:50:43.980
Desire Seyram: Work. So how can you fill in those changes, mostly do those tasks those assignments to do in a subsequent months left for a year to run off.

00:50:45.060 --> 00:50:48.390
Desire Seyram: So you have to plan for that.

00:50:49.770 --> 00:50:53.670
Desire Seyram: You have to plan and prepare for that, then you have to beat your system.

00:50:54.720 --> 00:50:55.710
Desire Seyram: Alright, so

00:50:57.510 --> 00:50:58.680
Desire Seyram: I think at this point.

00:50:59.970 --> 00:51:08.130
Desire Seyram: I would like to take questions. I actually wanted to work with a video better since

00:51:10.380 --> 00:51:12.510
Desire Seyram: It since my metrics, a bit

00:51:15.030 --> 00:51:16.650
Desire Seyram: Not the best today.

00:51:19.050 --> 00:51:19.680
Desire Seyram: Metrics.

00:51:27.330 --> 00:51:27.690
Desire Seyram: Bit.

00:51:39.240 --> 00:51:47.700
Desire Seyram: So in case you have any questions or we have four minutes for this session two wins. You can just put the questions in the comment box. If

00:51:50.130 --> 00:51:51.000
Desire Seyram: You have any questions.

00:51:52.710 --> 00:52:00.600
Desire Seyram: I'm trying to see if I could get a video up and running. Like, I'm just listen watch it for the next four minutes. If you have any questions.

00:52:06.840 --> 00:52:07.440
Desire Seyram: See

00:52:15.990 --> 00:52:16.230

00:52:17.340 --> 00:52:18.900
Desire Seyram: So arms with its

00:52:23.550 --> 00:52:26.070
Desire Seyram: Really wanted to help out this video.

00:52:48.000 --> 00:52:48.270
Desire Seyram: If

00:52:50.700 --> 00:52:51.810
Desire Seyram: So no

00:52:53.130 --> 00:52:56.580
Desire Seyram: I've seen, then we have to prepare

00:52:58.230 --> 00:53:00.210
Desire Seyram: Bring them meetings workloads.

00:53:24.780 --> 00:53:32.370
Desire Seyram: Okay, I've been. I've been in a meeting in is two minutes in just two minutes when kids. You have any questions in the comment box. All right, so

00:53:34.230 --> 00:53:38.490
Desire Seyram: So that means what, all we're trying to see is

00:53:39.540 --> 00:53:40.020
Desire Seyram: Where

00:53:41.370 --> 00:53:42.960
Desire Seyram: Your nonprofit work.

00:53:44.460 --> 00:53:45.570
Desire Seyram: Key still

00:53:47.010 --> 00:54:01.710
Desire Seyram: Continues despite the virus. Our biggest by what is going on in the world. So, okay, let's do a quick a quick summary of what we talked about today in two minutes. So we spoke about

00:54:02.730 --> 00:54:04.740
Desire Seyram: How the money the impact of the nonprofits.

00:54:05.910 --> 00:54:08.610
Desire Seyram: Of Queen 19 a non profit and we spoke about

00:54:10.140 --> 00:54:18.900
Desire Seyram: Adopting tech to sell as well. Please for your communications adoption zoom your communication and also as a

00:54:20.070 --> 00:54:37.950
Desire Seyram: Tech leader or a non profit leader you are trying to learn new skills, trying to learn new things or pick up new courses from takes of courses because so often you have three courses that you can adopt so they also spoke about the

00:54:41.310 --> 00:55:00.990
Desire Seyram: Tips that recovery teams their nonprofit can adopt and we talked about preparedness to prepare a plan to recover a plan to recap, the last time I plan to recap, to get back what you lost or to make up for the period which you are we from active

00:55:02.040 --> 00:55:13.350
Desire Seyram: Military or non profit. A week then so does, then they also an option is to beat that we are beating your

00:55:14.100 --> 00:55:29.850
Desire Seyram: Volunteers on what needs to be done what you intend doing this afternoon, what you're going for the next three months after the cupboard 19 they need to know they need to be aware they need to know what's the way forward because you if you are the lead.

00:55:30.870 --> 00:55:45.390
Desire Seyram: To update. Then we spoke about a BTR systems does ensure you have the reasons and the research way since you are with with three months or, or, more or less. So you have lead to system.

00:55:47.160 --> 00:55:52.890
Desire Seyram: Yep. Alright, so I think there's no question in the comment box so

00:55:53.910 --> 00:55:55.530
Desire Seyram: And in this meeting now.