NetSquared: A 10 Month Plan

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NetSquared FY15 The Future 2014-08-27

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow

Wise words. We’re now two months into TechSoup’s fiscal year (we call it “FY15”), so it’s well past time to publish a roadmap for NetSquared. :-)


So, where do we want to be by June 30, 2015?

  • Expand the number of Regional Ambassadors from four to five
  • Increase awareness of TechSoup services by 20% (with stretch goal of 50% increase) from the baseline established in last year’s participant survey
    • Increase number of survey participants by 20% from 2013 baseline of 411
  • Increase number of active groups by 10% over last year’s baseline of 50
  • Increase number of events by 10% over last year’s baseline of 450

But how are we gonna do all that? Here’s the plan!

What We Have Planned

NetSquared will focus on a few signature programs this year to provide support for the community events produced by our local organizers.

Regional Ambassadors

Last year’s major new initiative was the NetSquared Regional Ambassador pilot. The project has been a success and we will make this an ongoing program of NetSquared.


  • Expand the number of Ambassadors to five, bringing in one new region
  • Bringing together the NetSquared Ambassadors for a training at 15NTC in Austin, TX
  • Empower Ambassadors to better recruit and support NetSquared organizers in their region.
  • Hold face-to-face gatherings of NetSquared organizers

NetSquared Regional Gatherings

We have learned that the best way we can keep NetSquared organizers engaged is to bring them together for face-to-face meetings. We will do this in two ways in FY15.

Nonprofit Technology Conference

We will leverage the 15NTC in March 2015 to bring together Net2 organizers. 10+ Net2 organizers are already attending NTC each year, so we don’t have to pay to bring them together! The training will be held before NTC.

NetSquared also plans to collaborate with NTEN on a workshop and best practice exchange of NetSquared organizers, Tech Club leaders and NTEN Communities of Practice hosts.

Regional Gathering Grants

We will also bring NetSquared organizers together for face-to-face meetings at regional nonprofit technology events. Each Regional Ambassador will host one event per year. In areas where we don’t have an active Ambassador we will assist Net2 organizers by creating a regional gathering event planning guide and offering grants. We will distribute an RFP for grants that will be used to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the participants.

Theme Months

The introduction of regular theme months like Social Media September and Storymakers has been very successful. They:

  1. Build connections between TechSoup and NetSquared organizers
  2. Strengthen TechSoup’s educational campaigns with the additional of grassroots events
  3. Give focus to new NetSquared organizers looking for event ideas and support
  4. Demonstrates the collective power of the NetSquared global network

We intend to hold three theme months in FY15 supported by the creation of “event-in-a-box” packages that offer planning “recipes”. We have already scheduled Storymakers (September) and the Safer Internet (October) privacy and security theme months, with more to come.

Annual Community Survey

Who is part of the NetSquared network? What are they interested in? We plan to distribute an annual survey to all NetSquared group members during fall 2014. This will help NetSquared organizers serve their members better and allow TechSoup to identify emerging community technology needs.

We will model this on the FY14 survey that went to the USA and Canada - but will distribute the survey globally this year.

A Monthly Roadmap

This is a snapshot of the next 10 months. Expect lots to change. For the most current information check out the Organizers’s Handbook.

August 2014

  • August 26: Storymakers launch
  • Create regional gathering guides


  • Survey of Net2 Organizers
  • CALL: Net2 Community Call
  • Regional Ambassador Gatherings: call for proposals 1


  • Survey of Net2 participants
  • Net2Camps: planning
  • Safer Internet campaign


  • CALL: Regional Ambassadors
  • Net2 Regional Ambassador recruitment for 2015
  • Survey of Net2 participants, con’t.


  • Analyze and publish global survey results

January 2015

  • Theme Month: Social Media Surgery (TBC)
  • Regional Ambassador Gatherings: call for proposals 2
  • CALL: Regional Ambassadors (new members!)


  • CALL: Net2 community
  • CALL: Regional Ambassadors (to be held before 15NTC in Austin, TX)


  • March 3–6: 15NTC
  • March 7 (Saturday): Post-NTC training in Austin for Net2 and NTEN community leaders (Net2 organizers, NTEN Tech Clubs, NTEN communities of practice)


  • CALL: Regional Ambassadors post-NTC debrief


  • Something awesome


  • Something else awesome


  • CALL: Regional Ambassadors


You’ll notice that the plan is sketchier for the second half of the year. Don’t worry - it’s to be expected. We will publish a second update in January 2015 once we fill in the details.

Sounds like a lot of fun? We’re always accepting new NetSquared leaders - please apply today!