#Net2Welly: Twitter Takeaway, upcoming Meetups and Carpe Diem 25th Nov

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Kia ora!


Key points from "MeetupTwitter is dead, long live twitter!' are at www.net2welly.org.nz/category/takeaways/.


Many thanks to Lachlan McKenzie for a great intro, Stephen Blyth for what went well - and what didn't, and Katie Byrne on building brand with Twitter and nurturing community and evangelists.

Upcoming meetups

  • Using Secret SAUCE to help craft more persuasive messages
    Peter Kerr, message maker with Punchline, will share his secret Sauce (or is that Saucy Secrets?). Learn the S.A.U.C.E recipe for persuasive messages that work.
    Tuesday, 16th August (Note later date)
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  • Website to Webinar
    Jan Hinde, Director of Community Research, has been hosting a very useful series of webinars. She'll tell us about webinar pros, cons and pitfalls to avoid.
    Tuesday, 13th September
  • Practicing accessibility: Understanding the experience of your users 
  • Meg and Katherine, web accessibility champions from DIA, will condense and reprise their presentation at a recent international conference on practical ways to find and fix common web accessibility problems.
  • Tuesday 11th October

Quote from a new attendee "These sessions - and the people I've met here - have been really helpful; we've completely revised part of our plans as a result, and I'm sure it'll work much better."


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