#Net2Welly: Delivering Value, powerful stories, research that works, vote!

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Kia ora!

This Tuesday: Delivering value online: The What, Why and So what of your web presence.

Still a few places left at this month's Meetup - reserve yours now

Spend a minute on an inspiring story - from 'Film for Change', by co-presenter Helen Brasting. A powerful way of getting your message across

'Literacy Aotearoa' moved me and 'Doing Our Bit - Double the Quota' made me angry and take action

Webinars that prepare you for evidence-based contracting... and more

  • Counting What Matters: size and significance of the New Zealand not-for-profit sector
  • Indigenous Evaluation: increasing participation and control by Indigenous peoples
  • Complex Projects, Short Stories: use your data to create narratives that show change
  • Knowing and showing the 'added value' of community to your stakeholders

Free from Community Research, in next 3 months - reserve your place

Learn what you need at net2welly Meetups

Vote for your 'I must find out abouts' online

See you on Tuesday!

Bill and Stephen

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