#Net2Vic - CYBER SECURITY for NFPs and Organizations Serving Vulnerable Populace

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This event was recorded at NetSquared Victoria on March 4, 2020.

Unfortunately recent news has been seasoned with too many instances of data breaches in organizations responsible for sensitive information leading to serious consequences. NetSquared Victoria chapter would like to help our local superheroes avoid this kind of situation by hosting a meetup night dedicated to Technological / Cyber Security and the Not For Profit.
Thankfully, our wonderful hosts at The Dock have welcomed us back to their amazing co-working and event space with a vision for a connected and impactful social change sector in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.

You and your organization contribute some meaningful efforts to this community. You probably support underserved, underprivileged or vulnerable populace. You likely already have a lot of balls to juggle just to deliver your programs without the increasing security complications that come with interacting with the web and online platforms.
You also probably didn't major in computer sciences and your approach thus far may have been to "leave these issues to the tech guy or the people in charge of policy and procedure" (if your organization can even afford an official tech guy...). That's understandable, your head is down trying to save your small corner of the world one onerous administrative task at a time... unfortunately, that doesn't prevent your tech interactions from being vulnerable to external parties' less-than-benevolent intentions for you and your clients precious, private information.

It's a good thing there are brilliant humans who know how to tackle this complicated subject before it becomes a serious "UH OH" situation. Luckily our lead panellist and Women Of Technology (WOSEC) MeetUp lead organizer, Tanya Janca, is one of them! Tanya has decades of computer programing experience and specializes in cybersecurity. You can follow her on twitter @shehackspurple. Also joining us will be Kimberly Dray and Kyle Loree have graciously made themselves available to help us help you feel more secure about you and your organization's system's security.