#Net2PTBO: Notes from 365 Days of E-mail Meetup

Bruce Roxburgh's picture

Thanks to Bruce for making some notes from Wednesday's NetSquared Peterborough Meeup! Here they are:

We discussed 3 different ideas for hosting mail and pros and cons of each.

Conventional shared hosting (ie: on a web server using a domain) example: dreamhost, hostpapa, godaddy, etc

-    Huge capacity Email boxes, listserves, aliases (email address points to another full mailbox (project@mydomain.com points to jim@mydomain.com

-    Can choose to keep it in Canada not in the cloud and subject to NSA scrutiny.   Allows you to create & control branding for all your team and stakeholders and listserves.  Relatively low cost  or free as an add-on to website hosting.  You have admin control and setup control. 

-    You have to dedicate some expertise to the maintenance.   Webmail is available everywhere.   It is not usually integrated with sharing and calendars etc like Gmail or Office 365.  It is not usually trackable.

Office365 for Nonprofits

-    terrific and powerful all-in-one online email, sharing, Office applications and a searchable vault of all agency communications

-    Somewhat fickle / terse with allowing communications and sharing with outsiders and other types of tools (its no Google)  but more structured and has the value added of the latest versions of Office (web based) for free.

GoogleApps for Nonprofits

-    Google does custom email for organizations with a domain, incorporates the power of all their search, sharing and calendar tools then ties it all back to a searchable vault of ORG information in a vault of all email messages, shared documents etc.
-    Email, listserves, aliases, groups, messaging between people… much more… all tied to their profile 
-    Admin manageable security to keep organizational history within the organization, even if somebody leaves.

Where do you get a validation token for GoogleApps for NonProfits Canada?
-    Log into your TechSoup Canada account and it is under 'My Account' > 'Validation Token'