Net2Local: What Does 2014 Look Like?

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Hi friends!

Net2Local, TechSoup Global’s grassroots #nptech community-building initiative has (almost) reached the end of 2013. So, what’s next? Hold on to your pocket protector because things are gonna get busy!

Net2 2014 Preview 1000px

What We Have Planned


Net2Local groups will be invited to fundraise at their events in support of our Ugandan lead’s project to provide solar-powered computer education in rural schools. Don’t be afraid to contribute!


We revive the ever-popular social media surgery format. We’ll be inviting our organizers to dress up in scrubs and hold personalized consultations for social benefit groups in their community.


The NetSquared Regional Ambassadors come together in Washington, DC before the NTC conference to learn how to better support Net2Local organizers in their region. We’ll also be inviting Net2Local organizers to join us with the help of our travel and education bursary.


It’s another theme month. The Net2Local leaders will be encouraged to hold data-focused events with support from TechSoup Global’s Interactive Events team.


May will see an explosion of NetSquared Camps. We’ll be bringing together Net2Local organizers at regional events where they can bond, laugh and weep together.


It’s the summer! We’ll rest. Probably. :-)


September 2014 will probably see the return of the Digital Storytelling Challenge and we’ll be supporting Net2Local organizers in holding digital storytelling workshops.

Sounds like a lot of fun? We’re always accepting new Net2Local leaders - please apply!