[Net2local Update] Meetup.com is down

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LAST UPDATED March 3, 2014. 11:33 AM

Hi Net2 friends,

As you may have already noticed meetup.com has been down for most of the weekend and continues to struggle under a DDoS attack. You can learn more about the situation on the meetup blog: http://meetupblog.meetup.com/

Should I cancel my event?


Meetup.com is the primary RSVP and community management tool for NetSquared, but gatherings continue to be held, and we encourage you to continue as usual. The show must go on!

What should I do next?

If your event is going to be held in the next two weeks I suggest that you create a backup RSVP page for your event on Facebook.com, Google+ or Eventbrite. If you do so please send the URL to eli@techsoupglobal.org so that I can help promote your event!

We will continue to monitor the situation, but predict that this is a one-time blip that does not damage our trust in meetup.com.