NET2Houston September MeetUp Recap

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If you were unable to make it to the September meet up, here is what you missed!

Our Featured Guests Rebecca French - Founder of FrenetiCore - Houston Dance Theater and Ed Schipul - CEO of Tendenci CMS for Nonprofits and Associations talked about the integration of tech and nonprofit from different perspectives.

Net2 Houston Ed


Some memorable discussion from the evening:

Nonprofits & Boards

  • "Having a board that is really hands on and a staff that will cultivate and utilize their experience is really what makes a nonprofit run"
  • "Board members are the lifeblood of nonprofits" 
  • Nonprofits are a labor of love, that is why people are willing to give time, expertise, and money
  • "Would a $1000 donation to joining a board be a barrier for you to join a board?"

Most boards require a donation of time and of money - is the donation of money required for nonprofit boards preventing them for tapping into resources?

  • Maintenance of documents as board turn over is an ongoing challenge for nonprofits.
  • A challenge for nonprofits can also be having one dedicated person that is going to keep their tech systems up to date


  • "Without art there, is no life" 

NetSquared Houston September 2015

General Trends

  • Trend - Nonprofits using story telling to generate money and support 
  • Trend - Virtual Reality is about to blow up. Content will be needed. 

 Resource that were shared:


Upcoming Community Events to Have on your Radar!


See you next month!