#Net2DC: Reserve Your Spot! Jan. 25 - Nonprofit Digital Strategies

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Hello everyone, 
Hope you all are staying warm, safe and inspired to take action in 2018! 
Please join us for this upcoming event. 

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Jan. 25: Nonprofit Digital Strategies, Opportunities & Challenges 

Join us for an exciting discussion about nonprofit digital strategies. We will start off with brief insightful lightning talks on diverse topics followed by small group discussions. Afterwards, we will reconvene as a large group to come up with a list of the top 10 nonprofit digital trends for 2018. 

Date: Thurs., Jan. 25 
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm 
Location: WeWork Apollo, 810 7th St. NE 
Cost: Free (RSVP is required. Space is limited.) 

Lightning Talks 
1. Sandi Fox, Smart as a Fox Strategy >> Mobile Trends for Nonprofits 
2. Jared Schwartz, Beaconfire RED >> 2018 Elections & Impact on Nonprofit Digital Strategy 
3. Kate Fink, Vanguard Communications >> Facebook Newsfeed Change, Deprioritizing Publisher Content 
4. Ashley Hansen, Frakture >> Challenge: Dispersed Data in a Multitude of Systems 
5. Colleen Hutchings, CCAH >> Facebook Ads Targeting 
6. William Merrow, Graphicacy >> Data Visualization 
7. Scott Williams, Embrace Your Data >> Recent Changes to Google Grant & Adwords 

Special thanks to Sandi Fox of Smart as a Fox Strategy (https://www.smartasafox.org/) for hosting the event, and Beaconfire RED (http://www.beaconfire-red.com/) for sponsoring the food and drinks for the event! 

Get Involved 
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- Have brilliant topic ideas for future events? 
- Want to host a Net2DC event at your space in DC? 
Email dc@netsquared.org

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