#Net2DC: Few spots left! March 29, Data Visualization, Tips & Tricks

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We have a few spots left for the event on data visualization tomorrow, Thursday, March 29 from 6:30-8:30 pm. 


Join us for an exciting discussion about how nonprofits can leverage 
data visualization and interactive maps in their work. 

Adil Yalcin, the founder, CEO and developer of Keshif, will do an 
interactive demo, and share how you can create effective 
visualizations and interactive dashboards to explore common data sets 
using the platform. 

Jeff Osborn, Creative Director at Graphicacy, will provide an overview 
of their work. Will Merrow, Data Analyst & Visualization Specialist, 
Eduardo Velez, Senior Front End Developer, will share data 
visualization tips, best practices and case studies. 

Special thanks to Alley for hosting the event, and Graphicacy and 
Keshif for sponsoring the event! 

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We guide mission-driven organizations in making information visual, 
persuasive and shareable. Starting with an in-depth discovery process, 
we build websites and interactive applications, and produce data 
visualization and information graphics, motion graphic videos and data 
analysis. Our team specializes in open source solutions including 
Drupal, WordPress, and Angular. 
Twitter: @graphicacy_info 

Data visualization and analytics is no longer limited to highly 
skilled or trained people in your organizations. Anyone can understand 
data in depth, without the complexity of too many options. Analytics 
is no longer static and lifeless. Every action can lead a new insight 
within a responsive environment. That's all possible with Keshif. 
Twitter: @keshifm