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The NGO AFT (women and IT) in partnership with NetSquared Burkina Faso has organized the annual seminar of NetSquared on the topic “Peace promotion through IT”.

35 persons have been invited from different offices:

·        Business men

·        Women NGO

·        Students

·        Girls

·        Governments personal

·        International NGO members


The ceremony was presided by the director of human resource of SOFNET Burkina Faso an important business company working in the IT sector.

This company is one of the biggest in term of providing Expertise on:

·        Network

·        Consulting

·        Training

·        Support

·        Cloud system

Here is the link of the company for more information’s


The sponsor of the event started the speech by welcoming all the participants and also AFT for the choice of their person for this seminar. He continued by showing that IT and technology are the heart of their business but moreover it is the heart of the global economy of the world.

He  recognized that women are under trained and sensitized  when we talk about IT; that is why  their CEO has decided to  accept to be the sponsor of this event  because they want to encourage AFT  to  keep fighting against  the technological GAP between men & women and also between  girls and boys.

He congratulates NetSquared for their initiative to sustain the social good through technology across the world.


The second speech was the projection of Eli Video that presented NetSquared community and Himself.  It was a short but concise speech that shown the essential of NetSquared functionality.


 According to the schedule, the third speech must be done via skype by Excel, but the connection was too slow, so unfortunately we were not able to heard Excel’s speech.


So we came directly to Francine’s speech. She talked about the objectives of AFT, remembering that the most important Goal of AFT is to train Girls from school, universities and, women to be aware about technology opportunities to change their life and impact in their community, country.

Without technology women and girls will just be left behind and still marginalized particularly in Africa.

The partnership with NetSquared gave to AFT:

·        more visibility on Internet

·        more  opportunities to collaborate  with volunteers across  the world

·        subventions and  grants to organize activities

·        panels of experts than  can be helpful in some specific  activities


After Francine’s speech the sponsor launched the opening ceremony and we stopped the seminar to allow him to leave.

We had a break of 20 minutes to talk to the Medias about the meaning of this seminar and about the objectives of the collaboration between NetSquared and AFT.

It was also the opportunity for the participants to take some coffee, tea, and drinks, some appetizers.

We restarted the seminar with a round table where each participant made a brief presentation of himself and his activities.

After that the seminar continued based on the development of the five points below:


·        Peace

·        IT



·        Mobile phone

·        Internet

·        Computers laptops, Smartphones & tablets



In this part we talked about different kind of violence using many ways:

Social media, videos platform to share private information’s, to humiliate or discredited many persons, promotion of attempts and wars.

To well explain this part we talked about concrete example of:

·        Violence against Girls  (revenge Porn, private image diffusion on Internet, TV, or social Medias, suicides)

·        Violence against Women (Divorces, private image diffusion on Internet, TV, or social Medias, suicides)

·        Suicides and promotion of violence’s :

o   Case study  of Taliban training center (Movie)

o   Case Study of Charly Hebdo  attempt’s (movie)


This part help to show the better part of IT that can be really helpful if well used to promote Justice, Peace, Tolerance, and Equality.

The concretes examples have been given in this part.


This part has been divided in three main parts:


First Part talked about the role and importance of social Mediasto mobilize and unite people for a common purpose:

·        Case of Tunisia revolution in December 2010 using Facebook

·        Case of Burkina Faso Revolution using Twitter in October 2014


The second partwas focused on concrete examples of two people that stand up for a common purpose and share their stories through video platform like YouTube.

We watched movies on two Nobel Prize that fight one for peace in Liberia and the other for the right to strike. After each Movie we had a passionate debate.

·        The first movie was titled “the dream”.

This movie talked about Leymah Gbowee  who wanted to be a doctor. Instead, she ended up as an unwed mother, a refugee from blood-soaked Liberia, and doing the impossible. Like a modern-day Joan of Arc, she answered a vision, a call, and changed the world. Her efforts in the 2000s helped force the dictator Charles G. Taylor out of power and into the International Criminal Court at The Hague. (As her country has recently been ravaged by Ebola, she has warned that the epidemic threatens to unravel a decade of peace and has asked for an enhanced response.)

·        The second movie one titled “the shipyard”.

Lech Walesa, a shipyard worker and electrician in Soviet-bloc Poland, earned a reputation as an agitator and rabble-rouser in the 1970s for speaking out against Communist control of labor unions.

Mr. Walesa was subjected to frequent firings and intense police scrutiny. But he was undeterred, continuing his fight for fairer labor laws — in particular, the right to strike — until it grew into something even he could not have expected: an independent political movement that became one of the nails in the coffin of the Soviet Union.


The Third part talked aboutthe role of our online press in Burkina Faso:




 What was their role & responsibility in the revolution of October?

Are the pressman considered as peace builders?

What was the role of each of us as online activist in the promotion of peace?



In this part we talked about tools, applications, technologies that can help us to be activist for the peace online.

We also had a Projection of the Nobel Prize ceremony 2014 with a zoom on Malala Speech the youngest Nobel Price that fight for the right of   girls to go to school despite the threat of Taliban’s, and attempts.



Francine said thank you to all participants, and give them their Certificate.


We also did a group picture


We had the lunch.


I also have a discussion with one person named Yasser who is interested to be an Organizer.  


On Tuesday one of our participants who is a blogger and wrote this article about the event of NetSquared-AFT seminar






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