[Net2 Yaoundé] Cameroon Open Data Day

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The Yaoundé Open Data Day was excellent and bout 5000 people took part in this event. It was highly welcomed by all students in the various faculties because of the excellent presentation of the host and almost the entire city of Yaoundé is aware of this remarkable event 

The student government embraces this event as a great tool for social change and promise to release data for the sake of the students in the University of Yaoundé 2 and the public so that they can be able to have the right knowledge for the sake of building a great nation a better world 
This event took place in the biggest amply theater in west and central Africa, ccommodating about 2000 students.

After the event they student government and the entire student body, and the population of Cameroon and west and centre Africa benefiting from this event were not still satisfied because they need a mean to get access to knowledge . And that should be the internet.
They are requesting for a wifi cloud station.