[Net2 Toronto] Take the Next Step With Data Sharing

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Every nonprofit tracks data - client, donor and member data, finances, stats on your programs, email and social media metrics, etc. While some of this data is extremely confidential, some of it could be very useful to other organizations, sectors, and the general public if shared appropriately. Many governments have already embraced open data and there are numerous examples of how this has improved the lives of their citizens.
There are many ways to share your data. Some are simple, such as posting your annual report and financials on your website or in a central repository. Others may be a bit more involved, such as publishing sanitized data in an open format, or creating a partnership with organizations in your area to confidentially share client data to find overlaps in who you are serving.
At this event, we looked at the benefits of data sharing, the many forms it can take and how you can take your next step with data sharing. Through a panel discussion, explored these topics and looked at practical examples of data sharing.