[Net2 Toronto] Social media week (now!) + Datafest

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2 things you should know about: Social Media Week and Datafest.

Social media week Toronto is on now! There are a variety of events, loosely tied together, on topics related to social media (not just social good/nonprofits, though there are sessions on that too). Some of the events are already full but many are also still open.

Find out more: http://socialmediaweek.org/toronto/

Americas Datafest Migration Hackathon is coming up on the weekend of Nov 2-3, at locations all around the Americas. They are currently looking for organizers to help organize a Toronto hackathon. Here's some more information from Marco Campana, who is coordinating organizers in Toronto:

"A project originating in Washington, D.C., the Americas Datafest Migration Hackathon aims to bring together migration experts, settlement experts, hackers and journalists over one weekend of collaboration (Nov. 2-3) to develop digital solutions to migration challenges. Organizers in Washington are keen to make this an international event - they have 22 locations across the United States, Latin America and Europe - but none in Canada. We can change that.

What does a hackathon do? It identifies challenges or problems and brings together the people with the expertise to produce a solution. Participants would brainstorm in advance to choose several challenges, then see what prototypes they can produce during the hackathon weekend.

In this case, the theme is migration. Does your agency have its own data but lack the tech skills to turn it into something useful? Do your clients have a service need that an app might be able to help with? Maybe you're a researcher in need of a software solution, or a journalist looking to mine complex databases, or a talented newcomer with relevant insights to share.

Why am I writing to you? Because without your input, this event can't happen. What I’m asking for:

  • Ideas and expertise - I've already got some local tech wizards enthusiastic and they are spreading the word among the hackers of Ottawa. I'm reaching out to colleagues in journalism for their input as well. What I need from you is help gathering the ideas and the content experts - the university researchers, the settlement workers, the data heads and policy wonks who can help shape both the challenge and the solution. Please visit http://www.americas.datafest.net/for information about challenges already suggested, and more information on the hackathon itself.


  • Organizing support: I am a committee of one, and that's just not fun. I'm looking for energetic partners to help with gathering experts, securing a (very tech-enabled) venue, arranging for great food, sponsorship for prizes and spreading the word."

To get involved, you can connect with Marco at mcampana@maytree.com or @marcopolis.