[Net2 Toronto] Measuring & Engaging your Email List

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improving your email broadcasts

Do people read your emails and take action, or do they sit around unopened? Are you getting your message across and having an impact?

Last year our event with Eric Squair on Making the Most of your Email List was completely full, so we brought him back again this year to share more great thoughts on making the most of your emails. Whether you were able to make it last year or not, there's something here for you.

Eric's three main take-aways:

  1. What Amazing Thing can you offer people on your list? What is your organizations’ “Super Power”?
  2. Email – like all good storytelling -  is by, for and about people.
  3. Track your results: not just open rates and clicks, but conversions and user behaviour for each campaign.


Engaging your Email List & Measuring Results – Slides from Net Tuesday Toronto by Elijah van der Giessen

Email WorkSheeEngaging your Email List & Measuring Results – Worksheet from Net Tuesday Toronto by Elijah van der Giessen

Eric Squair

Eric Squair is an online communications consultant based at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto.  He has been building and engaging with email lists for the past decade, working on staff with Greenpeace Canada and the Make Poverty History campaign to build their lists and engage with supporters.  He is passionate and opinionated about what goes into an effective email marketing program, and is looking forward to hosting this workshop/discussion. You can find out more about the work Eric does at http://eric.squair.ca