Net2 Think Tank: Writing an Effective Social Media Policy

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You understand the value of social media, but for some reason your company insists on blocking use of social media sites by employees. As of last October, half of all US businesses still block social networks, but that number is dropping. Even the US Military announced this week that it has relaxed it's policy on social media use by the troops. So, how can we write policy to support our social media efforts? This month's Net2 Think Tank asks you to share examples of effective social media policies.

Share your examples or ideas about organizational social media policy!


As social media becomes increasingly embraced by mainstream employers, how can you write a social media policy for your organization that both celebrates the positive side and addresses the negative side of social media? Have you already written a social media policy for your organization? If so, what challenges did you face and which strategies did you find most effective? And, if your social media policy is public, please feel free to share a link.

Deadline:  Saturday, March 20th

How to contribute:

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The roundup of contributions will be posted on the NetSquared blog on Monday, March 22nd.

About Net2 Think Tank:

Net2 Think Tank is a monthly blogging event open to anyone and is a great way to participate in an exchange of ideas.  We post a question or topic to the NetSquared community and participants submit responses either on their own blogs or on the NetSquared Community Blog.  Tag your post with "net2thinktank" and email a link to us to be included. At the end of the month, the entries get pulled together in the Net2 Think Tank Round-Up.