Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Apps for Good

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Innovation in the world of mobile applications has been moving at lightning speed, and fortunately for us, there are many passionate people building apps that are working solely to help promote social good or to help vulnerable people in some way. The April Net2 Think Tank asked for examples of mobile applications that successfully use technology for social good. This post should serve as a summary of the responses we received.

This month's Net2ThinkTank was inspired by Rachel Weidinger's SXSW chat on Handheld Awesome Detectors. Thanks Rachel!

Mobile Apps for Social Good Round-up:

The following mobile applications were sent in from NetSquared readers to be shared with the community:

Parking Mobility App
For iPhone

The Parking Mobility App enables you to report when a car is parked in a disabled parking spot without proper identification. This information is shared with your city for enforcement. You can also use the app find and suggest parking spaces.
Thanks to Campbell Macdonald for sharing this resource!

Real Time Congress App (more info here)
For iPhone

The Real Time Congress App allows you to access real-time information about Congress on your iPhone. This app puts the actions, meetings and documents that make up the legislative process right at your fingertips by pulling together RSS and XML feeds from the party policy committees, leadership offices, news outlets, bill texts and the alphabet soup of analysts. Whether you're a journalist, Hill staffer, blogger or just an interested citizen, this app will keep you up to date on what's happening in Congress right now.
Thanks to Nicko Margolies from the Sunlight Foundation for sharing this resource!

Congress App
For Andriod
The Congress App is brought to you by the same people who created the Real Time Congress App (above).  This Android app features a directory of members of congress including contact information, Twitter, YouTube and other related sites for the member.
Thanks to Nicko Margolies from the Sunlight Foundation for sharing this resource! on Layar
For iPhone

The Sunlight Foundation created the augmented reality mashup that visualizes where the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is being spent. The waypoints indicated in the map are taken from the Layar is an augmented reality app that allows you to map many different types of content.
Thanks to Nicko Margolies from the Sunlight Foundation for sharing this resource!

Zoetica App
For iPhone

The Zoetica App provides a compilation of nonprofit tech and social change blog feeds so you can read a collection of nonprofit, social change, and social media content your phone. Some of the aggregated blogs include IdealWare, Social Edge and the Case Foundation blogs.
Thanks to Beth Kanter for sharing this resource!

Even more!

These posts all mention fairly extensive lists of applications, rather than a single application as featured above:

10 mobile apps for social good
Socialbrite created a list of 10 of their favorite mobile apps, from nonprofits to social change organizations, that are contributing to a sustainable economy of social good.
Thanks to J.D. Lasica for sharing this resource!

A Couple of Do Good iPhone Apps
From the Extrodinaries and Give Work to the San Jose Museum, this post from Beth Kanter has a great overview of some of her favorite iPhone Apps.
Thanks to Beth Kanter for sharing this resource!

iPhone Apps for Nonprofits
Brit Bravo has a created a pretty extensive list of Apps that were created with nonprofits in mind.
Thanks to Beth Kanter for sharing this resource!

TED Talk: The Wireless Future of Medicine
Cardiologist Eric Topol the future of using smartphones to revolutionize the way we use medicine. This talk shows different apps to monitor our vital signs and chronic conditions and highlights several of the most important wireless devices in medicine's future.
Thanks to Edward Harran for sharing this resource!

We know we have missed some great apps in this list, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below!