[Net2 Seattle] Storytelling Through Data Visualization

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Have you ever wondered how better to tell a story beyond words and pictures using data? Have you ever used maps, graphs or charts to show the impact of your advocacy and programs? Want to understand what tools are available to do these visualizations?
Seattle's Tech4Good brought together experts this October to talk about tools, tips and best practices on how this can be done for your organization.
Ben Jones from Tableau talked about what Tableau Public is and how organizations are leveraging this free too for data visualizations for organizations across the country. 

Ben Jones 
Ben Jones is the Tableau Public product marketing manager for Tableau Software in Seattle and the author of Communicating Data with Tableau (O'Reilly, 2014).  

He leads a team of data analysts that work with journalists and bloggers to share interactive data on the web. He's also an avid user of Tableau Public himself, publishing vizzes and tutorials at DataRemixed. Ben has a background in mechanical engineering and business, and is co-chair of the Tapestry Conference. 

Come meet these amazing individuals and hear them talk about the tools for visualizing data and how that can better tell your story. This will certainly be an informative and educational experience.