[Net2 San Francisco] June 2014: Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative.

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1. New member welcome and thanks for attending!
2. Upcoming events: Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative and The EASE INITIATIVE business model and its leverage of social technologies
3. SFTech4Good on the social web
4. Other info and events that might interest you
5. Thanks to our awesome sponsors
6. Old Newsletters in our Discussion Forum

1. New member welcome and thanks for attending!
First, if you’re new to SFTech4Good, thanks for joining SFTech4Good. I hope that you’ve made plans to attend one of our upcoming events.
Thanks to everyone who came out to recent events:



2.  Upcoming events: Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative and The EASE INITIATIVE business model and its leverage of social technologies

Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative - We’ve paired with Mifos.org to help spread the word about their launch! It’s happening TONIGHT, June 4th at 6:30pm. They will unveil the Mifos Initiative and the launch the new Mifos X platform.

The mission of the initiatives is to bring financial services to the nearly 3 billion poor and unbanked worldwide. Learn more and get to the registration link via our event page.

The EASE INITIATIVE business model and its leverage of social technologies - Join us on June 30th for the first official SFTech4Good meeting in Oakland. It will happen at the ‘Festa at Manifesta premises at 9th and Broadway!

Susan Mills, EASE’s founder and CEO, will lead a conversation about the EASE Initiative - an innovative way that business and commerce activities can blend with philanthropy to create shared prosperity for everyone. RSVP and get more info here­.

3.  SFTech4Good on the social web

SFTech4Good is on social media, so join us there! We have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a Storify page. (There are others but these are the ones being used most now.) If you’re on those social sites, we’d love for you to give us a like or a follow!

#SFN2­ is our hashtag. If you’re at an event and are sharing on social, please use it as it helps people track and be part of the online conversation.

4. Other stuff: L.A. needs help; and info and events that might interest you

L.A.’s NetSquared group needs your help!
The Los Angeles chapter of NetSquared­ is getting a reboot and has a new co-organizer, Jeremy Foreman. He’s looking for potential #nptech speakers and presenters based in Los Angeles.
Anyone have any connections for him?  If so, please reach out to him directly via email at jforeman@communitycentered.org.
Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio:
Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. This podcast bring big nonprofit ideas from trusted experts, authors and thought leaders to small- and mid-size shops. A regular on this podcast is Amy Sample Ward, CEO of our sponsor NTEN. The latest episode,Nonprofit Radio for May 30, 2014: Matterness And Churn & Net Neutrality, had Amy talking about Net Neutrality.

There is great info for small to mid-sized nonprofits, so check it out: ­http://tonymartignett...­
Catchafire.org is now in the Bay Area. They are a low cost solution to getting professional talent on 80+ different types of projects in accounting, design, finance, operations, marketing, PR, strategy & technology. Already working with 160+ organizations in Greater Bay Area their team would love to explore how to support your organization. You can learn more about them via these links:
-How Catchafire Works
-Project List
-Case Studies

For a free consultation from a Catchafire Partnership Manager send an email to Adrienne Schmoeker at adrienne@catchafire.org or register for free on the Catchafire website:http://www.catchafire...­

Smart Money Hackathon June 6-8th

The San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment got in touch with us to share info on their upcoming Smart Money Hackathon. It happens on June 6-8th. They’re looking to build the capacity of their financial education nonprofits and innovate on the opportunities these orgs see from serving low-income clients over the years.

There will be food, drinks and some great prizes! Get more info and register at: ­http://bayarea.impact...­

TEALS is looking for volunteers
Be a part of a local and community effort! TEALS is looking for volunteers.

They’re an organization whose aim is to form partnerships between software professionals and high school teachers to co-teach computer science classes locally and help schools build a pipeline of future computer scientists. They are going to be working with 27 schools in the Bay Area this upcoming school year and are looking for engineers who are interested in volunteering their morning teaching computer science classes and strengthening the state of computer science education locally.

Find out more about their volunteer program here: ­http://www.tealsk12.o...­

GSummit 2014
Join 750+ attendees and 50+ speakers for 4-days at GSummit San Francisco, June 10-13, to learn how to bring effective engagement strategies & design back to your company to conquer this user engagement crisis. The world of engaging with people has changed. There are more distractions now than ever and businesses are having a challenging time competing for both the attention of their consumers & employees. It's affecting everyone, in every department and in every industry: Marketing & HR, retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, finance, telecom, government, education, philanthropy, startups & more--everyone wants to increase user engagement.

They’ve offered SFTech4Good members a couple of discounts and you can register here:http://sf14.gsummit.c...­
1) Nonprofit Discount ($600 off) - Registrant must be from a 501(c)3 and MUST register with their .org email address. Discount code = NONPROFIT14

2) Community Partner Discount ($300 off) - This is for all other registrants that are NOT from a nonprofit organization. Discount code = SFT4G

5. Thanks to our awesome sponsors

TechSoup Global via NetSquared

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)

Rolling Out Cafe

General Assembly San Francisco

Geekdom SF by Rackspace


Microsoft Store - Westfield Centre

Social Media for Social Change

Better Ventures formerly known as Hub Ventures

6. Old Newsletters in our Discussion Forum
If you need to find one of our old newsletters, you can find them here in the Discussion section on our Meetup.com page.

That’s all for June!

SFTech4Good, co-organizer