[Net2 Portland] April Meetup Recap

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Thanks so much to everyone that attended the 15NTC Mini-Presentation Roundup! We hope you were able to take away some new ideas. As always, we'd love your feedback about this event. Let us know what you thought!

Didn't make it to the meetup? Or maybe you'd like to take another look at those slides? We've got you covered:

We hope you'll join us for our next meetup, "Diversity and Nonprofit Technology" on May 6th at Idealist!

We'll be talking about issues of diversity, accountability and representation in nonprofit technology and technology in general. Presenters will cover topics like:

  • Building diversity in tech teams, and why diversity is critical to success whether you're for-profit or nonprofit.
  • Local and national projects by nonprofits to broaden the types of people who get involved in technology and programming as young people.
  • Local and national efforts by nonprofits to address sexism and racism that often plays out within "tech culture."
  • The state of the Portland tech community when it comes to inclusion and accountability, especially as it relates to sexism and racism.

Presenters include Melissa Chavez, Open Source Bridge (@capnleela) and Robert Raleigh, Log Camp (@RobertGRaleigh or@LogCamp); additional presenters to be announced.

We'll see you in May!

- post by Stephanie Gutowski