[Net2 Philly] Social Presentations: Evolving Past PowerPoint

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This month’s Philly Net Tuesday meetup focused on the topic of "Social Presentations" and featured Briana Morgan of the Philadelphia Office of HIV Planning, Steve Lubetkin (@podcaststeve) of Professional Podcast, and Scott Pinkleman of the Prometheus Radio Project.

Everyone is aware of how social tools have enhanced the impact of videos, pictures and audio content. But presentations are another, tremendously effective medium of expression. How can presentations created in PowerPoint, Keynote or Open Office use services like SlideShare to reach more people and have greater impact? How can you make the most of online presentation tools like Prezi and SlideRocket. Or using open source webtools like Strut that take advantage of HTML and CSS coding to create presentations with impress.js (http://bartaz.github.io/impress.js/#/bored) to get your message across. How about embedding slide presentations into video with tools like Red Giant Presto?

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