Net2 Organizer Tip: Brainstorming with Whiteboards and Sticky Notes

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NetSquared Victoria idea board

The trickiest part of being a NetSquared Local organizer can sometimes be coming up with event topics. One solution to the idea conundrum is to survey your members and ask them what they want to learn, but often what you get back is deafening silence. Or worse, they reply “you’re the expert - tell me what I should know!”

Don’t fret - there is another way! A group brainstorm with a whiteboard or sticky notes.

NetSquared organizers have been very successful at brainstorming topics and presenters during their meetups. When everyone’s together in a room energy and ideas bounce off each other and your members are more likely to participate when they can see and build on the ideas of others.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Put up a whiteboard with markers or a wall and a pile of sticky notes.
  2. Invite the crowd to start adding their ideas.

Bonus tip: seed your idea board with a few topics to start. People need to see social proof before they’ll engage. It works for buskers and it’ll work you for too. :-)