[Net2 London] small stories BIG IMPACT

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How can organisations share stories online in a way that attracts the interest of their audience, engages with their supporters, and helps their stakeholders and potential funders understand the impact that services have on individuals? NetSquared London visited Emina Demiri to their #Storymakers2014 meetup to talk about how small stories can have Big Impact!
Emina Demiri (@DemiriE) is a Digital Media Specialist at Locality. Her session is all about getting to grips with producing tiny stories for big community impact. Every story has a narrative but that doesn't mean it needs to be pages or hours long; in fact, when it comes to digital storytelling, it shouldn't be! With some useful tips on how to focus your content, free digital tools you might want to use, and some good examples, this slide deck will give you the basics of tiny storytelling.