Net2 European Organisers Come Together To Do Some Good

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Bringing people together to do some good has long been one of my favourite things to do. It truly is incredible to see the magic that arises when you get people who are interested in similar things into a room. It is simply incredible, especially when the topic is tech for good. 

As Regional Ambassador for Net2 Europe, I have the special privilege of bringing together organisers from across the UK and and beyond to create a different kind of magic. From 19 - 22 June, organisers from Warsaw, London, Midlands (UK), South Lincolnshire (UK) and Cambridge will be getting together in Cambridge, UK to inspire, share, learn and directly do some good in the community. 

The plan is to meet over great food and great sites on 19/20th June and talk about everything that is Net2. What’s it like being an organiser? How can experienced organisers help the many new ones? What events have worked best? What are the challenges? We will put our heads together to collaborate for the good of our individual groups and to remind ourselves that the amazing thing about Net2 is the massive global community of tech for good folks who are there to support each other. 

Then, we are off to a partner event with Good for Nothing Cambridge for the weekend. This is a pretty amazing opportunity to tag onto, where over the weekend we will work with other incredibly skilled Cambridge do-gooders and make a tangible difference to two local charities. From helping to re-brand through to flipping fundraising and business models on their head to bring about sustainability, we’ll definitely be busy! Check it out here to see a cool video and more about the gig.

What’s the purpose of bringing the European organisers together like this? Why would we do it? The answer is simple… bring incredible people together in the same space and amazing things happen. As Net2 organisers  we know this is true within our own communities that we support. Now, it’s time to support our own unique organiser community too. I know I can’t wait!