[Net2 DC] Nonprofit Tech - Looking at the Year Ahead

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Happy 2015!  At our January 27th meetup we talked about what's ahead for us in terms of nonprofit technology in the coming year, including social media trends, mobile technology, open source tools & more. 

Chad Capellman, Digital Strategist at Taoti Creative, will share his ideas around Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2015, including where things are going with mobile and social media, website content strategy and open source CMS tools like Drupal. 

Michael Z. Daryabeygi, Co-Founder of Ginkgo Street Labsand Software Developer of engagement tools, such as CiviCRM, will discuss how to evaluate new technology tools for use in your engagement strategy.  Organizations often face the challenge of using different types of technology tools for different aspects of their engagement strategy, including email lists, events, campaigns, etc.  Data existing in silos makes it difficult to understand how supporters are engaged. Michael will share how CiviCRM solves this challenge of data silos by allowing organizations to manage their engagement strategy in one tool. 

Heather Ratcliff, Web Content & Social Media Strategist, and Author of How To Reach People, will reflect on nonprofit success stories around social media and communication strategies from 2014, and discuss some trends for the year ahead. 
Slides http://www.howtoreachpeople.com/netsquaredpresentation/

Erin Viray, Client Manager and Adam Fischman, Director of Business Development at Change.org will share success stories and best practices around online advocacy and fundraising, and share some tips for the year ahead.