Net2 Community Call — How to Respond to COVID-19

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What does the cancelation of live events mean for your NetSquared group?

COVID-19 is forcing NetSquared organizers to be flexible. Join me and Susan Tenby, TechSoup's new Global Director of Community, for a call about how NetSquared's leaders (that's you!) can best respond to the emerging situation.

RSVP — 9:00 AM PT, Tuesday March 24.

We'll answer your questions like:

  • Should I cancel my upcoming events? And if so, how?
  • I haven't started my group yet... what can I now NOW?
  • Are virtual events an option? How can I use the NetSquared Zoom room?
  • What resources are available to help me and my local community work from home?

Plus, this is your opportunity to let TechSoup's new Global Director of Community learn how we can best support your grassroots community work.


Susan Tenby is Global Director of Community at TechSoup where she oversees TechSoup’s Social Media, Community Forums and Events, NetSquared program, and will develop the overall Community Management strategy for TechSoup.


Upcoming Community Calls

April 15: Office Hours

This is your time to ask the NetSquared Community Manager (Eli) your questions.

  • Need help with your meetup?
  • Have questions about the future of NetSquared?
  • Want to learn how other leaders are managing their group?

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, April 15. (find your local time)

May 13: Use Meetup Like a PRO

New to the platform? Looking for tips to help your community grow faster? In this community call we'll show you how to become an expert meetup administrator.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, May 13. (find your local time)