Net2 Camp Burkina Faso Report

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On Saturday 11 January at Pacifique hotel we have officially launched NetSquared Burkina Faso.
The ceremony sees the participation of many actors of civil society, pressman, teachers, and government members.


I started the opening ceremony by informing people present that we are gathered to launch the NetSquared Network in Burkina Faso.3 speeches have been read:

First  myself to welcome the people and told them that I’m the national representative of NetSquared Burkina Faso, to present our government represented by  Honorable deputy Ablassé ouédraogo , and also to presented  Asama Excel the Africa Regional Ambassador of NetSquared.

Excel made a presentation TechSoup Global, NetSquared how it works, and the challenges, the concept, and the possibility to postulate for financial subventions for those who have a project.

Honorable Deputy OUEDRAOGO Ablassé congratulates AFT & NetSquared for this excellent initiative to train associations, and civil society members because there is a really need in this sector and few leaders in IT.

He appreciates the implication of TechSoup Global in the fight against numerical fracture between developed countries and developing countries.

To Finish he recommended all the association  through Burkina Faso to take contact  with NetSquared Burkina Faso and be active member in order to deploy NetSquared in all the town of Burkina Faso .



After the official ceremony we suspended the seminar to allow me to talk to the pressman and explain them in more details how NetSquared can bring innovations and help for our civil organizations in order to impact our social environment based in IT.

I told them that this training is a first of a many others that are coming;

I told them that all the trainings that will be done are entirely free and should change the ways this associations work and make their live easy.



The program of trainings was communicated to all the invited persons before the seminar.

25 persons have been trained on the web 2.0 tools.


 Excel and Francine trained the people basing on the repartition of tab below





Remote file sharing,Google docs

Excel Asama

blogging/micro blogging

Excel Asama

video/photos storytelling

How it works (

How it works


Instant messaging:


How it works (


email marketing,

Excel Asama

online surveys and activism

Excel Asama

online event management open source

How it works (



A.    Excel Trainings

Excel started the training by explaining the concept with Web 2.0.

During Excel presentations the participants was really interested by Google docs and Micro Blogging.

Excel demonstrates them how Google docs can helpful:

  • Possibility to work on (word, excel, ppt, and all Microsoft office functions on a computer without Microsoft office installed on it.
  • The possibility to save documents and work on it everywhere across the world
  • The possibility of sharing the file until 1000 persons.

Excel taught also on:

The micro blogging, email marketing, online surveys and activismall of these tools are also new concept for most of the participants.

Many promised to create a blog, and make marketing online after the training.

Excel presentation was really appreciated.


B.     Francine Trainings


Durant my presentation I show them:

How Flickr can help civil association in many ways:

  • Save money  by storing pictures in a free platform
  • Archived pictures and tags them to easily  reminder (when is it, where  is it, who participated to their activities)

I ask one person to come and apply the training directly by creating a new account of Flickr and upload picture and video.

How Youtube can help civil association in many ways:

3 persons between the 25 persons have a YouTube account, but only one knows that it is possible to store videos on you tube.

I was really happy when one of the participants created himself after the training and started recording the seminar via his webcam. So others participants have shown that the real application of the training.

 Event Brite was one of the most appreciated tools with Flickr:

  • Possibility for association to created online events
  • To send invitations online
  • To  create tickets
  • To follow the participation of invited people,
  • To create badges…




After the training I asked participants to appreciate the seminar.

96% of the trainers were satisfied by the training .

98% of them want to be member of NetSquared Burkina Faso.



Two persons are manifested interest to become local organizer in two big towns of Burkina Faso.

After the closure of the ceremony Excel and Francine meet them to explain them in a restaurant:

  • What is the role of an organizer?
  •  How to become an organizer?
  • What can they expect when they become an organizer?


6.      Links of participants  interview


Online  Press Article

The link below talks about the Net2Camp Burkina Faso :


In conclusion I can say that this was an amazing experience for me.

NetSquared and TechSoup offered me the opportunity to show that I develop my leadership in the IT sector and bring something new knowledge’s to civil society.