Net2 Camp Burkina Faso

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Net2 Camp Burkina Faso

From the 11th to the 12th of January 2013, Net2 Camp Burkina Faso will bring together a diverse group of Burkina Faso NGOs, foundations, techies; for a special training on Web 2.0 tools addressing challenges in education, communication, etc.

The theme of the event is: WEB2.0 FOR INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION

This practical training will involve small group discussions, and brainstorm new ideas and solutions that address other challenges that Burkina’s NGOs and foundations are working on.

Course content

The goal of this training is to empower development professionals and future Netsquared members to use social media tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Content and structure
The course is made up of seven modules that explore Web 2.0 concepts and tools. Participants to this course will explore:
 Remote file sharing, blogging/micro blogging, web video/photos storytelling, webinars, email marketing, online surveys and activism, online event management open source etc.
Each module includes inter-active lessons that introduce participants to social media concepts and tools and serve as the foundation for the practical activities. Participants then move on to work with a set of hands-on tasks designed around realistic scenarios, which provide practical experience of using Web 2.0  tools in a context that simulates real work environments. Collaborative work is another core element of the course. Participants engage in peer-reviews and discussion groups.

Learning objectives

·         Recognize the potential of Web 2.0; - Use Web 2.0  tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness and outreach of their work;

·         Analyze different Web 2.0 tools in light of their adapt-ability to specific workplace contexts

 Recognize the role of social media in changing the way information is created, organized, shared and accessed;
Participants who successfully complete all the course activities and assessments will receive a Joint certificate from I-Vission International, Netsquared and Femmes et TIC